Creative Column: “Romeo and Juliet” by Josie Eckersley


Is there any greater love story you know

Than that of Juliet and her Romeo?

The star-crossed lovers, a story for the ages

But was it as simple as it seems on the pages?


Behind the façade of this man outside the door

Was a lust-filled lothario who never wanted more I thought I knew the story, at least that’s what I believed

But did you fall for it too, are you really that naïve?


Behind Romeo’s sweet talking lies

It was nothing but getting drunk and achieving highs

The boy whose rage could not be suppressed

Raised his hand in a moment of distress


Behind her back, another had his attention

Was she not good enough for his affection?

I stood on the balcony, and looked out below

And wondered, wherefore art thou is my Romeo?


Juliet waited, but she knew he wouldn’t return

She dealt with the truth, a hard lesson to learn

But you never know the real story, only what you see

They didn’t get a happy ending, and neither did we

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