Inside LUFP: An Interview With Matthias Djan


This week, SCAN spoke with Matthias Djan – VP of Lancaster University’s Film Production Society – about his time on the exec and why you should join the society…

SCAN: Hi Matthias! Why did you choose to be VP?

Matthias: ‘I was on the exec last year as equipment manager- which I really enjoyed! It was great teaching people and watching them develop and become more confident in filmmaking. Last year we did our first residential social where we went to the Lake District – which was a big thing to do. We split into two teams and both made 5-minute short films – which I still need to finish editing! I helped organise that, and I enjoyed doing different areas other than just training, so going into VP, I thought it’d be a role where I could get involved with all the different things we do.’

S: What role do you take in productions?

M: This year, I’m producing a film! Last year I was Cinematographer and I also ended up editing a film but normally I focus on cinematography. With LUFP, I’ve had the chance to dabble into lots of different areas which I’ve really liked.

S: What are you hoping to get out LUFP and what can other people get out of it as well?’

M: I want a career in film production – in this industry it’s what you’ve done and who you know. Doing film production, I’ve had the chance to make short films every year and build my portfolio, and we also do promotional videos and event coverage. We have our own awards ceremony, and we’re also looking to enter some film festivals this year – the NSI – National Student Awards – which is a film festival purely for student filmmakers. We have some local businesses asking us to make promo videos for them and the university too. The film department is just film theory, not production so there’s no real area for film production – which is where we come in! I think it’s good that we have this as an alternative to the academic side of film! We’re always trying to implement new things – we bought in training last year for the basic elements but this year we want to expand it more – maybe even special effects training! We want to teach people new skills, and we want everyone to feel included. Even if you’re not part of the society, you can come to the training, and then hopefully you’ll want to come back!

S: What’s the hardest part about making a film?

M: Deadlines! Filmmaking isn’t our main priority because we’re all here to study, so trying to co-ordinate when everyone is free can be quite difficult. Sometimes we have over 8-hour shoot days which can be exhausting, but at the end everyone still wants to be there which is encouraging. Last year we were pushing it quite a lot with the deadlines, which meant that there was a lot of late nights – but everyone was there together which really helped


FAVOURITE ERA: Modern films: ‘It’s not even films, its TV series taking over which might be better than films right now!’


FAVOURITE DIRECTOR – Christopher Nolan

FAVOURITE PRODUCTION – ‘Network – I made it in first year; the script and cast were so strong!’


LUFP can be found on Facebook, Youtube and via their website

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