Networking and careers events calendar


Careers in the Heritage Sector
Lancaster Alumni and National Trust worker Kat Chandler will be running an interactive workshop about careers in the Heritage Sector. Primarily open to English and Creative Writing Students but others are welcome to attend. (Book via Targetconnect)

When: 24/01/2018 1pm – 2:30pm
Where: Welcome Centre Lecture Theatre 2


Alternative Careers for Law Graduates

This session is for law students who do not wish to pursue a career as a barrister or a solicitor, and will cover a range of alternative careers where your skills gained studying law can be utilised. (Book via Targetconnect)

When: 30/01/2018 2pm – 3pm

Where: Marcus Merriman Lecture Theatre


Languages – A Route to a World of Careers
A panel of Lancaster graduates of languages from a variety of careers offering insights into how they use their languages in their careers and how far they’ve benefitted from being multilingual. (Book via Targetconnect)

When: 31/01/2018 2pm – 3:30pm
Where: Furness Lecture Theatre 1



PwC Presentation: Emerging Technology – A New World
As we are in the midst of a 4th industrial revolution, with changes in technology from artificial intelligence to robotics affecting almost every aspect of our lives, the world of work you enter will be transformed, whatever your discipline. This presentation by PwC on emerging technologies is open to all Lancaster students, with a chance to network afterwards. (Book via Targetconnect)

When: 01/02/2018 6pm – 8pm
Where: Management School Lecture Theatre 03



Meet the Employer Fair
One of the biggest networking events of the academic year: the Meet the Employer fair offers a chance to meet and network with a huge range of graduate employers including J&J, Unilever and many more. Open to all Students.

When: 06/02/2018 12pm – 3pm
Where: Management School Hub Cafe



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