What’s In My Wardrobe: Hannah Carlisle

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What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?

This changes on the regular, but currently it’s my leopard print faux fur coat. Mainly because it’s incredibly warm, which is obviously necessary in Lancaster, but I’m also really enjoying wearing clashing prints at the moment, so it has the added bonus of clashing with every other item in my wardrobe.

What’s the oldest item in your wardrobe?

When I was 15, my Uncle bought me a black suede bomber jacket from Topshop with a black fur trim, coincidentally, very similar to a lot of the fur trimmed bomber jackets currently on the high street. I must have worn it at least once a week since I was 15 (and that was 6 years ago). It’s lined with fur, so the extra protection in the sleeves has meant that it hasn’t worn through anywhere and a classic black bomber never goes out of fashion.


What’s the most worn item in your wardrobe?

Also that black bomber jacket; I honestly love it more than I like the majority of people. But, since I can’t really put that twice, I’ll go with my collection of statement earrings. I have a bit of an obsession. As in I haven’t gone a day without wearing a ridiculously huge pair of earrings since at least August.

Favourite high street shop?

Either Mango or Zara. The jewellery and shoe selection at Mango is one of my favourite things on the planet; all my favourite earrings were bought there, as well as the nicest shoes I’ve ever owned: a pair of burnt-orange suede mules with a tortoiseshell heel. I lived in Madrid last year, which is home to the largest Zara in the world. Naturally, I had genuine problems getting everything I bought in that shop back into England. I love their minimalism, classic style and versatility; you can buy a coat from one season with the guarantee that it’ll still be wearable for years to come.


Biggest fashion mistake in your wardrobe?

If I could go back and change one fashion mistake, it’d be the mortifying summer of 2013 when disco pants were a thing. An uncomfortable, unflattering, impossible-to-put-in-the-washing-machine thing. You couldn’t walk down the corridor of my sixth form without seeing someone else wearing the exact same pair of glossy, skin tight pants as you (which cost a horrifying £50 from Urban Outfitters). Treat yourselves to a photo of a young me in a particularly awkward looking, high-waisted pair.

What will you be buying next?

I’d love a pair of straight leg black denim jeans. It’s usually very rare to see me in anything other than skirts, but I think paired with my red leather boots, a casual band tshirt and my leopard print coat, they’d be really wearable. Oh and more statement earrings from Mango (I believe I may be singlehandedly keeping them afloat in Brexit Britain).

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