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Lancaster 7 – 0 York

At 14:25 Lancaster scored the first goal of many. At 14:37 they increased their lead to 2-0. Just five minutes later Lancaster were afforded a penalty, which they scored, making the lead at half time a comfortable three points to none.


However, the home fans were reluctant to celebrate too early. As the opening ceremony had proven, leads this big could still be overturned. In the crowd there was speculation of a York comeback. Some people noted how Lancaster’s game in the first half had been a lot more high-energy and focussed, suggesting that the players may get tired and then overpowered by York. Was it possible York had been planning this from the start?


As it turned out, no. The ends swapped, but the tables didn’t turn. Lancaster scored a further four goals in the second half (two of which were within a minute of each other!), and despite even being afforded a few opportune penalties, York failed to score even one goal in retaliation. The York team noticeably upped their game for the second half but it wasn’t enough to stop the Lancaster side, who despite speculation, showed no signs of slowing down.


In the end Lancaster won 7-0, and the home crowd loved it.

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