Lancaster 7 – 2 York

As one of the first events of the Roses weekend, mixed Badminton provided a high energy thrill for spectators. Not only because of the intensity of the sport, but because multiple sets were being played at once and your eyes could barely keep up with the speed at which the shuttlecock was being fired across the net. The sets were characterised by different changes in dynamics, some games were dominated by power shots with the shuttlecock flying high in the air with great force behind it, whilst other games were played sneakily with each pair trying to tap the shuttlecock slightly over the net to try and catch out their opponents. It was this dynamic and constant change of pace that made the game very interesting to watch. Lancaster struggled with stamina in the last hour or so, but they did so well to begin with that it wasn’t a problem. York were definitely tough competition, but as the game progressed it became clear that Lancaster were the obvious winners. Overall, Lancaster won 7 of the 9 games that they played against York, a triumphant victory on home turf!

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