York splash to a win in the women’s canoe polo


I remember watching the Canoe Polo at Roses 2016 very well. Despite knowing nothing about the game going in to it, it was a fast paced game which got the crowd hyped. There was lots of splashing around and fast-movement. Generally speaking, it was an accessible and fun game, and this year’s performance was no different!

York dominated throughout the game, ending the first half with four goals to Lancaster’s one. Lancaster began to attempt a comeback in the second half, narrowly missing out on scoring two goals. As soon as the ball made it in to York’s possession, they away team scored again. The crowd were getting really involved with the game which made for an electric atmosphere, despite most people not really being entirely sure of the rules of the game. A team must attempt to score every 60 seconds, otherwise they lose possession. This is why there are so many confusing whistles and pauses in play – the rest is fairly self explanatory. You’re in a canoe, there’s a ball, you block shots by waving your paddle in the air.

Lancaster were able to get themselves scoring in the second half, but for every point the home team scored, the visitors responded with at least two. In the dying moments of the game the score was at 9-4 to York, with a comeback seeming unlikely for Lancaster. Lancaster secured a penalty shot for the last throw of the game, however they were sadly unable to make the shot, or it’s rebound, leaving the final score at 9-4 to York.

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