Lancaster Student Theatre Takes To Edinburgh Fringe

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Every year the Edinburgh Fringe Festival showcases the best in fringe performance; a huge mish-mash of weirdness in Scotland’s beautiful capital. Since 2010, Lancaster Offshoots, an out-of-university rebrand of Lancaster University Theatre Group (LUTG), have taken to the stage during the fringe, with their own production.

This year they are back, with the fittingly experimental production, ‘Sympathy For The Devil’. Sympathy For The Devil is an original psychological thriller, exploring the horrific consequences of drug addiction. The production covers themes of mistrust, violence and manipulation, explored through various individual perspectives. It is loosely based on The Rolling Stones song of the same name.

It is a debut Fringe performance for all members of this year’s cast and crew. Creative producer, Natalie Fisher stated “taking a show to the Fringe for the first time is incredibly exciting, as its one of the biggest theatre festivals in the world. We are proud to be taking another show up with Lancaster Offshoots and think it’s great that we’re giving Lancaster some representation up in Edinburgh!”

The show stars Christian Fuchs, as a mysterious character who is being held captive, but the reason is unbeknownst to the audience, and the dark truth is unveiled as the play progresses. It also features Malka Kovalenko, Santiago Guillamon and Calum Rowan as accomplices to the mystery. Writer and Director Mike Narouei has found it “a brilliant experience working with such a talented group of people”.

Sympathy For The Devil plays at The Forest Theatre at Greenside @ Infirmary Street from 6 – 11 August at 5.15pm.

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