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  1. What item in your wardrobe do you love the most?

This summer, dungarees were more in demand than an England World Cup victory (well, maybe). However, I couldn’t really find any I was truly happy and comfortable wearing. I love oversized clothing, yet the ‘mom’ styled denims I had tried from various high-street shops were always too tight for my body shape – and to be frank, too expensive. That’s why I was so delighted to find a set playful, vintage ‘Winnie the Pooh’ dungarees in Pop Boutique, Manchester. The fit is exactly what I was dying for; so baggy and comfy for those long, hot library sessions during exam season. The material hardly creases, making them ideal for a lazy student – and at £25 (less than half which I was going to originally pay), it would’ve been rude not to.

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2. What is the oldest item in your wardrobe?

Like many other people, I live for the nostalgia of other eras, and this sentiment carries itself throughout my wardrobe. Even now at uni, I cannot bear to part with certain items  I’ve collected through my many dubious, and questionable phases. From 50’s tea dresses to Fred Perry twin-tip Polos; you name it, I’ll have it somewhere. Nonetheless, one of my oldest and most treasured pieces has to be my Mum’s black velvet dress she wore on her 21st birthday back in the 80’s. Oozing ultimate sass and class, the garment echoes popular styles of the time; think Winona Ryder red carpet glam. Whilst once symbolic of the time it immersed in, the combination of spaghetti strap necklines and body-hugging fabrics now evoke images of the iconic, Kardashian silhouette – proving a slinky black dress will always be a timeless addition to anyone’s wardrobe.

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3. Do you have an item you wear all the time?

Even though I’ve only just bought them, I’ve been unable to take them off: my new platform trainers from Topshop, which have become an instant staple. I love shoes, particularly trainers; they can be such a statement piece with any simple outfit. I usually pair mine with an open shirt, boob tube, and black culottes. I’ve been seeing this Baby Spice-esque, platform-wearing style all over. From Fila Disruptors to as a big a brand as Balenciaga, you can guarantee a pair of these will force you to be on-trend. I got a pair from Topshop that make a pretty decent dupe, giving me an instant edge (and a few inches) to any look, day or night.

Photo credits to Lara Bland

4. Any fashion faux pas?

Over the years of cruel teen-age rebellion, yes, I most definitely have endured my fair share of fashion mishaps. A more recent incident would have to been inspired by ‘This Old Dog’, Mac Demarco. I love his style of oversized, autumnal coloured shirts, and so I wanted to mimic this for myself. I came across an oversized, mustard yellow shirt and paired it with, of course, the staple Oxblood Dr. Martens, and black tights. On paper, the look I envisioned seemed to work well; perfect for the changing of the seasons – but in reality, with the shirt buttoned right to the collar and the sleeves bunched up, the balance was all wrong. Hindsight being a beautiful thing, I wasn’t aware that the length at the back of the shirt was much shorter than I had anticipated. Meaning the Scouse builders working on the spine got way more than they bargained for. Now I just stick to wearing the pieces separately, and they pair so much better with other items I already have.

Photo credits to Lara Bland

5. What have you got your eye on next?

I love co-ords, of all styles and materials: denim, corduroy, vinyl. Unfortunately, they’re often on the pricey side of things – but with Christmas just around the corner, LoveTooTrue’s NYC taxi-inspired boob tube and wide leg trouser set has caught my eye. I love bold, primary colours; they seem to evoke a sense of childhood nostalgia of late 90’s/early 2000’s. The brand Lazy Oaf is one I really love and capture this style perfectly. They currently have a bubble coat up for sale, coloured in blocks of red, yellow, and green (think Crayola boxes), which would really add the pop of colour my winter wardrobe screams for, instead of the usual, muted browns and blacks.

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