What’s in my Wardrobe? – Molly Roberts

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What item in your wardrobe do you love the most?

It’s my most recent purchase, so it’s been getting a lot of love: the Monki cream teddy bear coat is an absolute dream in this cold weather. The teddy bear coat has become a huge trend this season, and so I just had to get my hands on this discounted steal from ASOS. I love how it keeps me looking stylish, but literally feels like I am walking around wearing my duvet – ideal for any university student. I didn’t own a lighter coloured coat either, so I felt it was a trend that would actually contribute to my every-day outfit.

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What is the oldest item in your wardrobe?

I despise having to fork out for new jeans, so my blue Amelie River Island jeans have been with me for a few years now. I’ve always struggled to find another pair which is the same shade of blue because I find it such a universally flattering colour.  It’s probably time to buy a new pair, but I’ll undoubtedly wait until these ones have fallen apart before I do.

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Do you have an item you wear all the time?

An item I often reach for is my French Connection, grey V-neck jumper. It’s a really versatile piece which I often layer with – especially because of its relaxed fit. I think I managed to purchase it in a sale a while ago now, and its been a real investment piece for me.

Any fashion faux pas?

I think wearing anything I haven’t felt comfortable in. Looking back on certain photos, I can just tell a mile off from how I’m standing or holding myself that I clearly don’t like what I’m wearing. Obviously seasonal trends can lead to huge pressures, forcing you to buy and wear things you wouldn’t normally. Eventually, this mindset can begin to dictate your wardrobe. I always try to think of ‘investment’ pieces when adding items to my collection, which is particularly difficult in a culture where ‘fast fashion’ is at the height of popularity and convenience.

What have you got your eye on next?

At the moment, I’m really looking into buying some playful shirts for everyday wear – something comfortable, but in a variety of prints and colours to spark some life into the outfits I wear on a daily basis. I’m hoping they will also be versatile enough for me to pair them with jeans and heels for a more glam evening. ASOS, as always, will be my go-to visit for this venture.

credit to @asos via Instagram
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