Unrealistic Crushes – Valentine’s Special

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Unfortunately, now the world is plagued with unrealistic expectations of love and relationships which has led to a wealth of unrealistic crushes throughout books and films alike. From a girl who has more unrealistic crushes than fingers to count them on, I’ve listed a few for all those hopeless romantics out there to let you know, you are not alone.

  1. Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

Specifically, the Matthew MacFayden version from the 2005 adaption of Jane Austen’s classic romantic novel. This surly and cold character begins to thaw throughout the film (and book) and thus grows on the audience, even more so when he breaks down into the most poetic declaration of love that is so painfully human.

  1. Sherlock Holmes

Specifically, the Benedict Cumberbatch version in the hit BBC TV Series (you can see a theme running here!). Robert Downey Junior is all well and good, but in my opinion, nothing matches Cumberbatch’s portrayal of this incredible detective. Another socially awkward, unrealistic crush, but his complete inability to understand social niceties, especially from his right-hand man Dr John Watson, only makes him more loveable.

Also, Benedict Cumberbatch is very aesthetically pleasing!

  1. Chidi Anagonye (The Good Place)

Possibly a less well-known person-of-interest, but nevertheless my most recently developed crush.

Chidi Anagonye, an adorable-as-hell character from the new hit show The Good Place (which I definitely recommend!)

A Philosophy professor from Senegal, this human sweater-vest loves French poetry, amongst the simple things in life, but not making decisions. He is an adorable character in general, but for me personally this quirky little dork has bewitched me body and soul (love a good Pride and Prejudice quote) as he is a complete nerd; he is obsessed with books, he is a kind person and incredibly intelligent given his background as a Professor of Moral Philosophy.

To summarise, Chidi is really forking awesome!

  1. The Doctor

David Tennant version of course.

Watching Tennant as the Doctor was the first time I ever became completely and utterly obsessed with Doctor Who – and whilst we’re at it, David Tennant. With sarcastic retorts, scant attitude, the cheeky Scottish accent and the complete disregard for the fact that there are more shoes besides black converse make provide him with the best combination for playing the Doctor (I may be slightly bias!).

  1. Graham (The Holiday)

Let’s face it, Jude Law as ANYTHING is enough to make it onto the unrealistic crushes. Not only is he dashingly handsome, he is kind, caring, great at planning dates, spontaneous and oh yeah, did I mention how attractive he is?

Just one shot of his cheeky little grin in enough to make any girl swoon.

  1. Jim Halpert (The Office)

And finally, another cheeky chappie!

We love Jim because of his mischievous office antics, especially his pranks on Dwight. But we love him even more because why can’t we find a guy who looks at us the way Jim looks at Pam?!?!

Jim is the epitome of boyfriend-husband goals and his relationship with Pam is the stuff us mortals can only dream of.

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