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I hope you’re hungry, because it’s that time again. We’re going back to our roots with this one. In this issue of Lancaster Lunch, my team have nipped to various eateries on campus, grabbing a snack to nibble on and a cheeky drink between lectures. Helpfully, they’ve sent all of their feedback to me. I’ve compiled a list of their findings to help you work out the best place to eat at Lancaster University. Will it be Pizzetta, or will it be The Deli? Read on to find out.

Pizzetta Republic

Arguably the most popular student midnight jaunt, Pizzetta Republic is a fast-food/café hybrid tucked away next to the Furness Laundrette.

Image courtesy of pizettarepubliclancaster via Instagram.

‘Pizzetta Republic is an excellent blend of a pizza parlour and a coffee shop that hits all the right notes – a comfortable tune is always playing, there’s plenty of seats, and orders are quick and convenient, and most of all, affordable. Though some of the menu is hit or miss, the vegan options, pizza made to your preferences and wondrous chocolate cake keep me coming back again and again. You see many societies meet up in Pizzetta, and it’s no wonder why; it is the living embodiment of good food and good friends providing you with a good time.’

Benjamin O’ Rourke

‘I have been to this place way too much recently. Still, I suppose that’s a good sign. Pizzetta is one of those places you go to if you want some fast food to eat that shouldn’t be good, but really is. You know the type of food I’m on about; it tastes great but takes hours off your life. That’s not a criticism, though. Like I said, Pizzetta makes decent food. Sitting in is alright, provided you’re quick enough to get the really comfy chairs in the corner. I’ve fought people to the death over them before.

It’s worth mentioning that they do coffee and desserts here too, just in case your cholesterol level wasn’t high enough after your main course. However, all things considered, I’d definitely recommend going to Pizzetta if you fancy a quick and easy Friday night meal. I should know; I’ve been there several Fridays in a row now. I may have a problem. Please help me.’

Isaac Rolfe

Image courtesy of pizzettarepubliclancaster via Instagram.

‘My first day on campus, I’d heard about no eatery other than Pizzetta Republic. In first year, Pizzetta was the treat I picked up on the walk back to halls after a gruelling library session. Now I’m in second year, it has become my weekly catch up ritual with my best friend. Don’t get me wrong, Sultans is my main, but Pizzetta will always be my irresistible side piece. I’m not sure how long I could last at Uni without a pizzetta pizza with extra cheese… Sure, the eat in experience isn’t perfect, it’s always rammed. But who am I to penalise a restaurant so successful that it is almost always busy? I mean sure, the world is pretty crazy right now but Pizzetta keeps me sane, makes me feel safe, at home. What better way to forget about exam stress than to lose yourself in cheesy heaven?’

Sarah Pennington

The Deli

Newly refurbished and reopened, The Deli is a trendy café situated right next to Alexandra Square famous for its waffles and pancakes.

Image courtesy of The Deli via @thedelilancaster on Instagram

‘The Deli is somewhere I’ve always visited on campus, it’s a little bit quieter than Costa or Pizzetta and always did the kind of simple, homemade food I was after. Admittedly since its refurb, its got a bit busier; however, it’s significantly upped its food. Not only can you get lovely homemade-style cake and sandwiches, but you can now get a variety of posh mac-and-cheese dishes and avocado on toast for all us millennials.

Its atmosphere is also chill and relaxed, exactly what you want from an afternoon coffee or a mid-week lunch date. The Deli hit the nail on the head with the new decor. I used to have to plan a trip into town to go to a nice coffee shop, but now there’s one right on our doorstep.

Overall, the Deli is my favourite place to eat on campus. It’s slightly pricier, but that’s precisely what makes it a treat for me when I visit.’

Ruth Walbank

‘Since the Deli reopened I don’t think I’ve it seen it look not busy. However, is it just busy

Image courtesy of thedelilancaster via Instagram.

because everyone was trying it out for the first time, or is it actually a good place to eat? After my visit I have to say it’s definitely worth the hype! For starters, the entire menu looks fantastic and seems almost suspiciously good value for money. I decided to go to The Deli in the afternoon with my friends and try out the waffles and pancakes which are only £3.50 (cheaper than Kaspa’s)! The range of toppings you could choose from (although not massive) offered a varied selection that all sounded pretty good – making it hard to choose. However, the most important thing was that everything tasted great!’

Joe Thomas

‘I sat with my fellow history friends in the newly refurbished and absolutely packed café in Alexandra Square, and indulged in a delicious beef stew with garlic fries. Despite the beef stew not being a feat of gastronomy, it was well-seasoned with an excellent consistency. The garlic fries were also what can only be described as ‘luscious’. (However, proceed with caution because they’re pretty strong and leave you with a rather potent breath.) To wash down all of this food, I ordered a pot of Lancaster Blend loose tea, which was well-brewed with a pleasant aftertaste. Overall, The Deli serves delightful food at affordable cost.’

Michael Hoi Ki Chan

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