Lacrosse (Men’s) Match Report Roses 2019


The Roses weekend was a series of ups and downs for Lancaster’s Lacrosse teams as the Women’s team took a brutal loss of 19-6 to a stronger York side leaving them a little wounded as the Men’s team took to the field with something to prove. The powerful Lancaster men’s side stormed the field as soon as the game begun with aggressive and commanding plays from Jan Dajka who demonstrated quickly how desperately the side wanted the win, especially after the York men left him with a broken collar bone the previous year. It was soon made clear that the Lancaster side were going to dominate on the field taking goal after goal leaving very few opportunities for the York side to get anywhere near. Almost every attempt made by the York team to score was stylishly stopped in its tracks by Danny Theed who blocked all but one of York’s shots. The game was both dramatic and entertaining showing how strong the Lancaster team are. When asked how he felt after they won, Captain Danny Theed said: “We played really well with a very strong side, everyone performed. I think the difference between us and York today was that we played as a team rather than split down into individuals, the hours and work we put in clearly paid off. It was a hard-fought match a deserved win today.” The final score was 9-1 which meant all the third-year players could leave both the pitch and their Lancaster team on a spectacular win.

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