Jane the Virgin Returns for its Final Season


Jane the Virgin has returned to our screens and has immediately hit the ground running.

The return of the infamous telenovela sees the final season deal with the return of Michael after his reappearance in the Season 4 finale. Safe to say that a few episodes into Season 5, Michael’s return has caused quite a stir.

For one; he is no longer Michael but explains to Jane when they are re-united that he “goes by Jason now” after the infamous crime-lord Sin Rostro shocked his brain using Electro-Shock Therapy causing Michael to lose his memories and now suffer from Amnesia. The loveable goofball and loyal husband Michael Cordero that fans all knew and loved has now been replaced by flannel-shirt-wearing, dog-loving, slow-talking Jason from Montana.

Like every other season of Jane the Virgin so far, within three episodes this show has already managed to make me laugh and cry for all the right reasons, most recently in the latest instalment of the telenovela in ‘Chapter Eighty Four’ when, after trying to bring Jason’s memories back without any luck, Jane and Jason decided to go their separate ways, back to their respective lives when, in true telenovela style, ‘Jason’ regained his memories in the final seconds of the episode when a fishing rod he was holding knocks some paint from the ceiling of the porch imitating falling snow, which fans will recall is synonymous with Jane and Michael’s relationship right from the beginning. In a short montage following this moment, Michael was restored along with all his memories of Jane and himself together.

With the actual return of Michael with his memories now, the show will perhaps return to the love-triangle theme that was so prominent in Season 1 and 2. As a die-hard #Team Michael fan, I am hoping that by the end of Season 5 that Jane rekindles her romance with her former husband. But this raises the question; WHAT ABOUT RAFAEL?!?

Even as a #Team Michael fan, I have to admit that throughout Season 4, watching the relationship between Jane and Rafael blossom made me as happy as the couple themselves! After Jane’s heartbreak, losing the love of her life and then having to live without him, Rafael gave her the chance to be happy again and vice versa. And throughout the show so far, Rafael has had to deal with his own fair share of heartbreak, from battling cancer to having his son kidnapped to losing Jane to Michael once already and going to jail. For this reason, I hope Rafael also gets a happy ending, but at the end of the day, Jane can only choose one.

To conclude, my predictions for the rest of this series? As always Jane the Virgin will succeed in being unpredictable. My hope is that #Team Michael will get their happy ending, but this conflicts with my hope that #Team Rafael will also get their happy ending. Besides the love storyline, I hope Jane will get a happy ending for her writing as the finale of Season 4 also saw a breakthrough in Jane’s writing as she decided to combine all her previous novel ideas to make one. Amongst the other issues, another heart-breaking moment from Season 4 was the moment Xiomara, Jane’s mother, was diagnosed with breast cancer so I hope to see Xiomara’s fight with cancer ends on a high. Additionally, writer Jennie Snyder Urman has promised that the loveable narrator of Jane the Virgin will also have their identity revealed. Fans have speculated that the narrator is either Jane’s deceased grandfather Mateo or her son Mateo, narrating events from the future.

Although this is the final season of admittedly my favourite tv show, I cannot wait to see the way the writers end this already explosive season!

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