Summertime Ball or Fyre Fest 2.0?

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Dissatisfaction Causes Chaos With Lancaster’s Summertime Ball

The student planned ‘Summertime Ball’ went ahead as planned, however, there was widespread disappointment with the fulfilment of the organisers promises to ticket holders. Held at Leighton Hall, Carnforth, the Ball was intended to be the biggest party of the year, with carnival rides, food stalls to cater for all and a fun filled night.

However, reports have been coming in to contest this, with individuals stating that it was “a bit of a scam” and asking, “where has our money gone?”.

Students were outraged at what they saw when they arrived. One individual we spoke to stated that “we were expecting Ferris Wheels and Waltzers” instead they found “mud-covered inflatable rides you’d find at a child’s birthday party”. Further to this, the price of food and drinks at the event appear to be an area of disappointment to attendees with the price of a double gin and lemonade being reported to be £6, for what has been described as “Aldi’s own brand” and the “cheapest lemonade around”. Not to mention the £4 for chips at one of the two food trucks available.

Attendees have reported that the food available was lacking in meeting a variety of dietary requirements. An individual has reported that their “flatmate has emailed in advance and had been assured that gluten-free options would be available”, yet when they arrived this was not the case. Further, it appears that there were no vegetarian or vegan options available for guests, leaving a percentage of partygoers dissatisfied with the event. Further to this, there have been multiple reports that the event did not have an adequate level of disabled access, including there not being enough seating for those who are unable to stand all night and there was an inadequate “chill out” place for those who have sensory disabilities such as those on the Autistic Spectrum, which was advertised as part of the event.

It has become clear that a number of carnival rides and food trucks dropped out the day before the event, which appears to not be the issue with attendees. What caused irritation was the fact that the people attending were not made aware that this had occurred, leaving those that did attend angry and dissatisfied with the event and its organizers.

When asked for a comment, the Lancaster Ball organisers stated that “these things do unfortunately happen and we did everything in our power to find the best possible solutions available to us at short notice” and shared that “ we will always continue to work with the students to put on the best possible event we can, and all feedback will be taken on board”.

This is a developing story.

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