Glossier: Cult Classic or Famous Flop?

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Chances are you’ve heard of Glossier by now. The American cult brand recently launched a UK website, so their best-selling products are now available to buy without astronomical shipping prices. I took this chance to test out a few of their makeup products, to see if they were worth the hype.

Perhaps the most famous of Glossier products is their Boy Brow brow gel. Every Instagram influencer and VSCO girl has tried this and hyped it up beyond belief. It supposedly gives you mega fluffy, bold brows, and fixes them in position all day. I went for a tinted brown version rather than the classic clear, to fill my brows out a bit more at the same time as making them fluffy. I also picked up their Lash Slick mascara, which claimed to lengthen and curl your natural lashes all day without flaking, and their ultra-glassy Holographic Lip Gloss. 

I was so excited to try these products. I’m a sucker for new makeup, and when it comes from a brand I’ve only ever longingly looked at on an American website, I’m even more excited to try it. Another bonus was that it arrived very quickly for me – the website said 3-5 business days and I got it in 2 – in a cute zip lock bubble wrap pouch that I swiftly repurposed into a pencil case.

I tried Boy Brow first, and it did not disappoint at all. I didn’t brush my brows up as far as some others do (my eyebrows turn into furry slugs when I do that), but for giving my brows a thicker, fuller look, it’s perfect. It definitely stays in place all day, and I love using it for a more natural eyebrow look. At £14, it’s a great value product that deserves its cult following.

The Lash Slick mascara was next. I usually curl my lashes before applying mascara, but when I used this, it took out all the curl and lift, despite what it claimed to do, which was disappointing. Aside from that, it separates the lashes really well, isn’t clumpy at all, and doesn’t flake. It’s super pretty and lengthening too, so even though it doesn’t curl as much as I wanted it to, I was happy with how it ended up looking. At £14, it’s a good mid-range mascara for people who prefer length over volume from a mascara.

Last came the Lip Gloss. I was glad I ended up ordering the holographic one, after hovering between that and the clear one for a while, as it was so much prettier than I was expecting. I was worried that the holographic glitter would be too much, but it wasn’t at all. It’s nice and subtle, and a good topper for any lipstick, which was exactly what I wanted. It doesn’t feel sticky and lasts a good long time without needing to be reapplied. At £11, it’s a perfect glassy lip gloss for on its own or over a lipstick.

I was surprisingly pleased with everything about Glossier. I was expecting to find an overhyped, overpriced brand, but instead found pretty reasonably priced products that deserved their amazing reviews. I’ll definitely be rebuying Boy Brow when I run out! Plus, with your first order, you can get 10% off, and even choose your own free sample which comes with your order, which is a nice touch. I’d love to try some of their skincare next, especially Balm Dotcom – when you flavour a lip balm like birthday cake, you can’t expect me not to try it (and try to stop myself from eating it right out of the tube).

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