Amy Wyatt- Furness Socials and Events Officer


Amy Wyatt is running for Furness Socials and Events Officer. As a final year student, Amy wants to make the most of her third year at Lancaster by running for a JCR position. Furness socials have been a big part of her time in Lancaster, and she would love to engage with a variety of new people and to ensure that all Furness students have a great university life. 

Her previous experience as a member of her sixth form student leadership team, where she was able to create various events, taught her effective organisational skills. Moreover, being a swimming coach over multiple years has developed her communication skills and enabled her to adapt to new situations quickly. Having had multiple jobs in the past, Amy acquired excellent time management skills, which will allow her to fulfil her role while completing her last year of study. 

Amy expresses that her top priorities for her first term in office would be to deliver an enjoyable welcome week for first-year students, especially with the current situation of COVID-19. In her manifesto, she refers to Furness’s famous 15-hour bar crawl and her commitment to organising this event, even if that means complying to social distancing rules while attending. Amy also draws attention to the fact that events might have to be entirely online. She wants to make all socials accessible and welcoming for all new but also current Furness students, and integrate the different year groups successfully.

Additionally, in regards to Welcome Week events, Amy has various plans for virtual socials online such as small competitions between year groups or Furness houses, to encourage students to connect and bond. One of her main event ideas mentioned in her manifesto is a ‘Taskmaster-style’ event consisting of fun competitions or challenges, judged by the JCR or by college members through polls. These types of events could then eventually occur in person as well. Besides that, Amy wants to initiate a series of live streams, including cooking and recipe videos, study tips and even a guide on how to find accommodation in second year successfully. These live streams would be helpful to all year groups, but especially useful for first-year students, providing valuable assistance for settling in and feeling at home in Lancaster. 

Furthermore, Amy wants to promote inclusiveness and getting international students more involved in college life. Besides the regular drinking and non-drinking socials, she intends to introduce cultural nights where international students can share their cultures, to make them feel more welcome and involved in college life. 

According to Amy, the current Furness JCR is doing a fantastic job, especially with online events during the lockdown period. However, she wants to contribute some new ideas and is convinced that she will be able to get more people involved in college events. She is highly motivated to work with the other JCR members as loves working in teams and engaging with others. In order to organise socials effectively, she wants to especially work closely with the media and comms team to ensure the accessibility and promotion of all events.  

The main message Amy Wyatt wants to promote is to create fun and engaging activities and socials for all Furness students in order for them to connect and bond with each other. 

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