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Whether Summer 2020 will be happening has been a huge unknown for us. A global pandemic has put our holidays on pause, but with (surprisingly) plenty of sunny days in the UK, why not turn the garden into the beach and catch some vitamin D? Despite it perhaps feeling like we won’t be going anywhere for a while, swimsuit season is officially upon us. For most of us our summer body seems to be cancelled this year, but a classic one-piece bikini never goes out of style!

Summer 2020 is bringing forth a fresh batch of fun and colourful trends to try. From high-waisted bikini bottoms in pastel colours to retro styles full of various patterns and bright neons, here are some top bikini types trending this season. Are you ready for a fashion show in your backyard or in your dream destination once travelling is safe again?!


One-shouldered tops were already trending everywhere last summer, and this years coolest come with a clavicle exposed. This season, a Miami-based swimwear brand Maheli Heli showed an array of luxe one-shouldered bikini tops paired with mismatched bottoms that made us crave that carefree Cali-girl life. How to style it? Just pair it with linen trousers and oversized sunnies for serious garden glam and voila- you are all ready for a garden show!


It seems we just can’t get enough of highlighter and we all want to be seen this summer! Miami brand I Shine 365 did acid brights in a range of sporty silhouettes which you can easily style with denim high-waisted shorts and your look for any festival (sadly only next summer) is all sorted!


Forever trending, high-waisted bikinis return each season in new and different versions. As this shape offers more coverage, it is perfect after lockdown, as all of us were probably expecting summer to be officially cancelled. Brands like Veronica Beard are offering bright pieces this season to signal the more optimistic feeling warm weather brings.


The tie-dye trend was definitely one of the highlights of the quarantine. As someone who personally tried its homemade edition, I cannot end this summer without any tie-dye bikini in my collection.


Undoubtedly one of the best parts of summer is being able to spend long days at the beach, but it is a common problem for us to forget about protecting our skin. So here are some key tips on how to keep it healthy over summer!


In the central hours of the day (from noon until 2pm) solar radiation is much stronger, so it is important to limit sun exposure at this time.


The face, lips, eyes and scalp are also susceptible to burn or suffer the effects of the sun. Advice? Specific facial protector, a lip balm, sunglasses and a hat.


Sun exposure can cause dehydration throughout your whole body so it is essential to consume plenty of fluids. If you are not a fan of boring mineral water just add some sliced lemon, orange or cucumber and mint leaves for extra refreshment. 


Eating foods high in antioxidants helps protect your skin from damaging free radicals. You can maintain your healthy skin by eating products containing high amounts of lycopene and beta-carotene which have the highest number of antioxidants. Where to find them? Have a carrot, blueberry and orange smoothie and you will thank me later! 

AND FINALLY…        

You don’t need to despair over your summer plans; you can still wear a swimsuit this season if you can safely access a beach, have a backyard or simply just decide to dress up in one around your house. Think about colours, retro styles and bold tropical prints that will at least make you feel like you’re on vacation. However, don’t neglect one of the most important parts of the summer: sun protection. Simply apply the above advice and have fun outside on beautiful, sunny summer days. 

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