Doing Yoga Every Day: Impacting Your Everyday Life


Have you ever wondered what it is like to do yoga every day? Well throughout lockdown I started to implement yoga into my life, and I think it might be one of the best things I have ever done.

Throughout lockdown, I have followed Yoga with Adrienne’s videos and have currently done yoga every day for over 90 days. Before the start of lockdown, I wasn’t regularly doing yoga, so this was an introduction of a new habit into my life. While in the future I might not always have time to do yoga every single day, I can’t imagine not having yoga somewhere in my routine – it is definitely something I aim to continue to do when I am properly back into the swing of normal university life.

There are tons of articles out there on the benefits of yoga, but they are all written from a very objective standpoint. We all know what we are meant to get out of yoga. We know it’s meant to improve our flexibility, balance and strength. We know it is great for meditation. But what is the reality of including yoga in your lifestyle? From beginner to regular yoga practiser, here are the things I noticed about from doing yoga every day.

Feeling Welcome

First, I want to say that it does not matter what level you are at. You in no way need to be good at yoga to do yoga – I was definitely not good at yoga when I started, and I would not say I am particularly great now. But this doesn’t matter. Yoga is very much for everyone, and this is something that yoga teaches you. Yoga With Adrianne, in particular, emphasises that yoga is about the journey – it is doesn’t matter if you can’t do a particular stretch or balance now (or ever), trying is what matters.


Here is a more physical impact. The meditative aspect of yoga leads to you being more aware of your breath. This is not just useful for de-stressing; I also find that the focus on breathing in yoga helps me when being active in other ways. Yoga empathises breathing with your movement – this can help you during every type of activity.

Techniques to Fall Back On

Breathing techniques are not the only part of yoga that can be transferred to other situations. Yoga isn’t just about what you do when you are practising on your mat, it is about providing you with techniques and strategies to use in the real world. Yoga isn’t done in isolation. I often find myself doing various simple stretches or flows when either I, or my body, feels stressed. Before starting yoga, I did not have strategies that I knew I could always fall back on.

Enjoying Being Active

Everyone who tries yoga might not find this, but I genuinely love yoga. I haven’t always had the best relationship with regular exercise, but yoga is something that I find solves this. I find that most mornings I look forward to doing my daily yoga. There are definitely days that I don’t feel completely motivated. But yoga isn’t about everything being perfect, it is about trying to make positive changes in your mindset – so enjoying yoga most days is amazing! If you have been thinking that you might enjoy yoga, then here is your sign to give it a go – there is no harm in trying!

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