5 Best Horror Games to Celebrate the Spooky Season

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Now that the nights are getting longer and the weather is getting colder, there is no greater Autumnal sensation than staying in, snuggling under a blanket and playing a calming video game. However, for those who exist solely for Halloween antics, Animal Crossing: New Horizons probably isn’t going to provide you with much fulfilment! If you are more inclined towards a gaming experience that simulates a heart attack, this list may provide you with gaming ideas perfect for a Covid-19 Halloween.

1) Alien: Isolation

Holy hell … this game knows how to create an atmosphere! In taking creative inspiration from the film Alien, the game developers have implemented iconic aspects from the film, such as the constant tech beeping and claustrophobic design of the spaceship, into a strangely beautiful yet nightmarish interactive experience. Although the game is rife with jump-scares, it is the moments of silence that are the most unnerving. The very setting of an alien-infested ship leaves you peeking around every corner and hiding in every locker out of sheer paranoia. This title is likely to be remembered as a defining horror game of the outgoing console generation.

2) Outlast

The first Outlast game is a masterpiece of the jump-scare horror genre! As you play as an investigative journalist in a decaying asylum, you often ask ‘why?’ when your character insists on persevering with his venture despite the presence of the unique patients. With narrow hallway chases, hiding in lockers and oppressive lighting, this game ticks all the boxes of a good horror game. Although the gameplay can become repetitive towards the half-way point, it is still well worth a play with your flatmates!

3) Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Would a horror game list be complete without at least one Resident Evil title? Tonally, Biohazard is a departure for the series; comparatively with classic Resident Evil titles, the visuals are a step-up and the overall atmosphere is far more immersive, so much so that this game may be too much even for a committed horror fan! The events in Biohazard are truly horrifying and the gore is sometimes excessive but if you are of a strong mental and physical disposition, this game is not to be missed!

4) Until Dawn

This cinematic, choice-driven game is easily one of the most immersive video games ever to have existed! In adopting all the quirks of 80s and 90s slasher movies, Until Dawn is unapologetically an homage to that era. With a diverse cast of comically stereotypical characters, the tone feels familiar, yet the depth of the storyline surpasses that of a love-to-hate slasher film. Academy-award winner, Rami Malek, is just one in an incredible cast that brings the game to life. Until Dawn is only about eight hours long but its replay-ability will leave you frequently returning to collect every bit of lore!

5) Dead by Daylight

For those missing out on human contact and want a gaming experience you and your friends can enjoy together, Dead by Daylight will help you finally find out who would die first in a horror movie! With iconic characters from the horror canon being the playable killer, hunting out the other players can be exhilarating and will give everyone something to laugh about. The player rotation between the killer and the survivors keeps gameplay fresh, meaning it will be 3am before you know it! Luckily for gamers, social isolation is nothing new but for those missing their friends, this game will be sure to lift your spirits in a maniacal sort of way!

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