And Just Like That… it’s back! The Sex and the City Reboot could be just what fashion needs in 2021.


Over two decades ago, four single women navigated the streets of New York, showcasing their designer filled wardrobes and capturing the hearts of women everywhere. Their fashion-forward style and celebration of strong female friendships at the forefront of the series defined an era of women. And just like that, it’s back. Personally, I think 2021 needs a reboot of ‘Sex and the City’ to empower women everywhere, reminding them of the glamour of pre-lockdown life, set against the glitter of the bright lights of New York City. The storylines of the first six seasons weren’t all sex and cosmos, they also depicted the realities and harshness of life. Once again, I think we will be swept up in a whirlwind of emotion in the ten-part season, reminding us that even amidst the glitz and couture, these women are real and can be exactly like us. This is something we need to see whilst slumped on the sofa in loungewear and holding a big glass of wine.

Now the fashion. The show is known more so for the fashion than the sex, with the series having a giant impact on the fashion world, as never before had there been such bold and ground-breaking styles than the ones Patricia Fields created. Over the first lockdown, I bathed in the nineties and noughties style through binge-watching all six seasons. It only reminded me of my longing for Carrie Bradshaw’s array of wonderful and daring outfits that filled the most amazing walk-in wardrobe, something I dream of daily. She had a wild and carefree style, being deemed fashionably brave, something I hope to see in this new chapter. Whilst all of the looks were carefully curated making the ladies look like they could be on the runway instead of a New York side street, Field’s also provided us with some of the best dressed-down outfits; maybe partly due to the fact that Carrie was seen as the first to work remotely before we were all confined to our home desks. Many of these looks could be adapted to the lockdown era we face, whilst yearning for the good old days. 

Carrie’s downplayed New Year’s Eve outfit in the SATC film is definitely a corona-era look, a fur coat over your cosiest pyjamas. Giant furs being classic of the early 2000s, they too could be rebooted (faux fur only), becoming your ‘popping to Sainsbury’s to pick up some snacks’ look, but Carrie approved (and very warm). Here Carrie gives off an aura of effortless glam, which is what we’re all hoping for from our lockdown styles.

A comfy top that has woven in and out of fashion but always sported by Carrie was the laid-back bandeau. With it being easily adapted into a loungewear outfit, as many contemporaries such as Bella Hadid have done, the bandeau fits perfectly into a lockdown wardrobe, with Bradshaw sporting it first.

Miranda, always ahead of the time, already sporting the 2020’s sweatsuit trend. Miranda knew how to rock off-duty looks, that bucket hat over the tracksuit was iconic, to say the least.

Charlotte’s prim and preppy looks would be perfect for that work’s zoom meeting, always looking put together and polished. Her polka dots and florals bringing fun and lightness to uncertain times.

Now I should probably mention the obvious missing part of the article, the controversy surrounding Samantha, with people being adamant that the show cannot go on without her. Granted, I love Cattrall’s character, with her bringing some powerful fashion statements to the show, particularly her love for superior bags. From using Lucy Liu’s status to possess that $4,000 red Birkin, to the lesson of never to buy a fake Fendi unless you want to get into a fight with a Playboy bunny and have Hugh kick you out of his mansion.

Although I am unsure about how much sex there will be in the show without her, I will still be watching despite Samantha not reappearing. I will miss her badly behaved appearances, along with the bright bold colours she always brought to the group.

Now an article on SATC fashion would not be complete without mentioning some of the most iconic looks from previous seasons. With Dior, Prada, Chanel and Dolce & Gabanna all being staples, most of the pieces would be as classic today as they once were. Here are five of my personal favourite Carrie outfits, with them being amongst the most memorable. I couldn’t start with the Dior newspaper dress. Worn in the episode “What Goes Around Comes Around”, the dress became synonymous with Bradshaw and her relationship with Big.

The tutu Carrie wears in the opening sequence reinvented the vintage staple. Once again Dior stole the show with the ruffled piece becoming a part of pop culture. The tutu brought an incredibly romantic aspect to the credits, showing that Carrie was ready for her fairy-tale and for Mr Big to come and whisk her away.

Carrie loved a seductive slip dress, with the one she wears as her ‘revenge dress’ being no exception. The classic white slip style hung in all the right places, being paired with clear mules that are once again on-trend in 2020, as she shows Big what he’s missing.

Although bringing the series to an end, ‘An American Girl in Paris’ were two of my favourite episodes. Bringing with them some of the best outfits for Bradshaw’s final scenes. Field’s mirrored some of her outstanding outfits here, in her latest styling in ‘Emily in Paris’. One of the looks being a black and white striped dress which Carrie arrived into Paris in. Sporting a massive floral centre, the look against the backdrop of the Eiffel tower is incredibly chic.

One of the most glamorous looks of the entire show also came to Paris. Carrie’s Atelier Versace Couture Mille Feuille gown was sequinned with layers of tulle, making Carrie look like royalty. A more grown-up version of her fairy-tale tutu in the opening credits, this dress shows that Carrie has come full circle and blossomed fully into the fashion queen she’s always been.

From Manolo Blahnik’s to Fendi baguettes, accessories of their previous noughties life of nightclubs and dating are now at the back of the closet, with them not having as much air time as the must-have accessory of this season, ‘the mask’ (however, I do expect Carrie’s $40,000 collection of Manolo’s to make many appearances, even if it is just around the flat). Although we all expect Carrie to be sporting a personalised Prada mask, perfectly clashing with her outfit, we are still unsure from the concealed trailer as to whether the new series will be set during the pandemic. With the reboot coming to us in such unsure times and the trailer bringing up a lot of questions, we are sat here wondering what to really expect from this season. If it is set in the COVID era, (hoping Carrie has managed to master technology to online shop), what would their quarantine activities be? How is New York going to be portrayed just as magically as before if everyone is two meters apart? Most importantly, who and what will the ladies be wearing? Nevertheless, I am more than ready for my romance with SATC’s fashion to continue, being excited and fascinated by what Field’s is going to allure me within the next chapter.

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