The best LGBT couples on television


We’re blessed in 2021 to have some amazing LGBTQ+ representation on our screens. In my humble opinion, here are the best couples to grace our screens. Most of these can be found on Netflix, so if you’re craving a good show to binge that doesn’t consist of exclusively straight couples, you’re in the right place.

Captain Holt and Kevin – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

These two will never fail to make me laugh. Their deadpan personalities and dry humour are perfect together. My particular favourite scene is when Holt is reminiscing about their marriage and how they skipped the vows because they had no idea if or when it would be struck down. They’re absolutely perfect for each other, and I hope that they finally get to renew their vows one day on screen for us.

Nomi Marks and Amanita Caplan – Sense8

Besides being incredibly salty that this amazing show got cancelled after only TWO seasons, one of the best parts of the whole show was Nomi and Amanita’s beautiful wedding in the finale. It’s clear that they would do anything for each other – Amanita runs to Paris and gets down and dirty in Nomi’s insane new life with no reservations – and the scene where they both propose to each other at the same time makes me ugly cry every time. Ever since the beginning, Amanita has loved and accepted Nomi no matter what, defending her from transphobic comments and making sure that she felt loved even as Nomi adjusted to her new life as a sensate.

Yorkie and Kelly – Black Mirror

The massive San Junipero poster in my bedroom is a testament to how much this episode touched me. In the classic Black Mirror style, the plot twist is dark and jarring (no spoilers but PLEASE watch it), but unlike classic Black Mirror, there’s a happy ending and our two main girls get to ride into the sunset together. Outgoing Kelly brings shy Yorkie out of her shell, and the chemistry between the two is electric – I could have watched a whole season about just them.

Sol Bergstein and Robert Hanson – Grace and Frankie

Aside from being great representation for the older gay community, Sol and Robert are such a wholesome couple to watch. They have their ups and downs, but they waited so long for each other, and love each other so fiercely. They deal with a lot of stuff, like their two ex-wives who insist on embarking on various mad schemes and health scares, but they always come back stronger in the end.

Vanya Hargreeves and Sissy Cooper – The Umbrella Academy

After Vanya’s fiasco in Season 1 of The Umbrella Academy, she deserved a break, and thank god she found Sissy after time travelling back to 1960s Dallas. The scene where Sissy is tracing Vanya’s hands and guessing at what her callouses mean is so tender and compelling; you can just tell that the two of them are meant to be. The bittersweet ending makes me hopeful that Sissy might come back for the third season, but even if she doesn’t and the two aren’t destined to be together, their relationship was so beautiful and touching it will stick with fans for a while.

Dani Clayton and Jamie Taylor – The Haunting of Bly Manor

The ending of Bly Manor made me hide in the bathroom and cry for twenty minutes. Dani and Jamie were magnetic on screen together, and their relationship was such a beautiful thing to watch grow and develop. Juxtaposed with the horrific events unfolding around them, they were a bright spot in a house of horrors. Even though the ending was tragic, we got to see them live for as long as possible together, living the ultimate lesbian dream of opening a florist where Jamie could work her magic on plants.

Lito Rodriguez and Hernando Fuentes – Sense8

Two couples from Sense8 make it onto this list because I’m still not over the fact that it got cancelled. But Lito and Hernando definitely deserve to be here – they are such a cute couple and bring out the best in each other. When Lito sacrifices his career in order to come out and attends the São Paolo pride parade as the Grand Marshal, he makes an incredibly touching speech about how he was afraid for so long to come out and refusing to pretend to be something he is not. This scene was actually shot at São Paolo pride, and the joy it captures is incredible.

Elena and Syd – One Day at a Time

Elena and Syd are an adorable teenage couple with a super healthy relationship that’s a perfect example for kids and teens to look up to. One Day at a Time is cheesy, funny, and perfect to watch when you’re in a funk or need some cheering up, and seeing Elena come out and meet her nonbinary partner Syd (loving termed her Syd-nificant other) just gives me a warm glow every time. Sadly, the show was dropped from Netflix in 2019, but American TV channel Pop picked up the show and produced a new season in 2020.

David Rose and Patrick Brewer– Schitt$ Creek

Schitt$ Creek is the perfect comedy to binge when you’re feeling sad, and it’s refreshing to find one with a focus on a same-sex love story rather than relegating them to the background. David already won my heart with his description of his sexuality, stating he likes the wine, not the label. It’s so refreshing to see a proud, pansexual man on TV while not dealing with any homophobia or prejudice. David and Patrick work wonderfully together, support each other no matter what, and bring out the best in one another. Patrick’s proposal on their would-be romantic hike was such a perfect scene, and I can’t wait for the wedding episode. They feel real, and their scenes together just give me a warm fuzzy feeling and make me inexplicably happy.

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