5 Reasons Bimini Bon Boulash is the Best Thing to Happen to Us


Bimini is the East London plant-based princess that has snatched everyone’s hearts (and wigs) who appeared on season 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. They are the self-proclaimed “gender bender, cis-tem offender” we can’t get enough of.

From the moment they sauntered into the workroom up until the last moment they lip-synced for the crown against Tayce and Lawrence Chaney, Bimini has formed a rapport with her audience like no other queen of the season has.

Here’s just 5 reasons why Bimini will remain in my heart long after the season has ended:

1. Their lip-sync against Joe Black

As the competition kicked off, Bimini unfortunately found themself at the bottom with the legendary Joe Black. Flaunting their derriere and rocking 10-inch heels, Bimini pulled off a sultry and comedic performance to ‘Relax’ by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

As they humped the floor to their win, we got a taste of the star quality that we were going to see blossom and develop before our eyes over the next few weeks.

2. Their candid conversation with Ginny Lemon

As the queens geared up for a tough sewing challenge in episode 3, banter was flowing in the workroom. However, that was not the only thing in the air.

The atmosphere took a serious turn as Ginny Lemon opened up about their identity insecurities to Bimini. We got to see both queens engage in a conversation about a very sensitive yet necessary topic on mainstream television, allowing the viewers to see a different side of both queens.

Everyone goes through a stage where they contemplate their identity, whether it be their sexuality, gender, looks, or purpose in life. It’s rewarding to see someone speak so candidly about that on mainstream TV.

3. Their pwiceless Snatch Game performance

The queens sashayed away to quarantine in their respective abodes, spending the next few months working on their act. At this point, Bimini was skating somewhere in the middle. But this break was the watershed point in Bimini’s Drag Race journey.

The minute Bimini opened their mouth in character as Katie Price and asked, “Is it cold in here or is it just my nipples?” we knew Bimini had the game. Price’s iconic lisp and tiara-topped wig was the beginning of Bimini’s winning streak.

4. Release the beast, Bimini!

As the competition paid homage to the Eurovision Song Contest in episode 5, Bimini stole the show with the United Kingdolls’ rendition of ‘UK, hun?’

Their witty lyrics addressed identity positivity, complimented the wit and sass with plenty of ass and choreography as they showed off the flying splits they’d learned during the seven-month break from Drag Race.

This winning combination propelled Bimini’s group to win the challenge and gave the UK its entry to the real Eurovision. (Sorry James Newman, you can stay home.)

5. Their fashion CHOICES

Bimini’s fashion on the show went through a journey: from their Norwich footie fan look to their rhinestone-encrusted high fashion acne look to their literal amoeba outfit. Taking literal concepts and giving them their own spin, Bimini propelled themself to frontrunner status, rocking their bad baby panto dame and devilish playboy bunny to acclaim. And let’s not forget her opening look, a vegan queen in pink faux leather and a wig for days.

A special shout-out must also go to their Valentina-esque look in the confessionals, sporting a beret, white faux fur and choker: a queen who has an eclectic taste off and on the runway.

I can’t wait to see what Miss Congeniality does next and you can expect me to be adding Vegan Queen to my Instagram bio in homage to our saviour.

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