Is Having A Flat Easter the New Flat Christmas?


Is having a flat Easter the new flat Christmas? No. Has anyone even done a flat Easter? The answer is probably also no. Honestly, if anyone has let me know! I have certainly never done a flat Easter and to be honest, I don’t think I have ever even bought a friend an Easter gift… but maybe I am just a bad friend. But, you do not have to be a bad friend like me, you can celebrate Easter with your friends!

As this year is so crazy already, and Easter is one of about five things we can celebrate… why not have a flat Easter. At this point, I am here for just about any excuse to celebrate something. So, here I have some advice for how you can celebrate an Egg-cellent Easter (or spice up your Easter if you’re ahead of the trend) with your flat, your house, or whoever you are currently living with.

First, we have the classic option: have an Easter meal. Everyone makes a big fuss about Christmas and organising a big roast dinner… or the student version of a big roast dinner, which is almost identical to a real Christmas dinner, but with Aunt Bessie’s and Bisto instead of the proper stuff. So why not do the same for Easter. Organise a big flat roast dinner so everyone can come together. Come together, not cook together (let’s be honest, we all have those housemates who should not be allowed anywhere near the kitchen). It doesn’t even have to be a roast dinner, but it should be something special (something that you don’t have every meal… so probably not a pasta dish).

But we all know what the most important part of Easter is: chocolate. And I have many ideas about how you can make your flat Easter as chocolaty as possible. The most obvious option is to share Easter eggs. You could buy all your flatmates Easter eggs. Or if you are the archetypal poor student, you could go for a Cadbury’s Creme Egg (or a Maltesers’ Bunny for those weirdos who don’t like Creme Eggs). You could even do a secret Santa-style egg swap, although I am not sure how exciting that would be considering everyone would end up with the same thing anyway. But that is an option to make it even cheaper!

However, Easter doesn’t just involve coppice amounts of chocolate…it involves coppice amounts of chocolate baking. A great activity for your flat Easter is to do some Easter baking. Everyone can get involved even if they just eat the finished product or are given the important role of eating the batter out of the bowl.

Why don’t you go back to year 7 cookery and make some Easter chocolate nests out of cornflakes? Or make some chocolate hot cross buns – although these can be very time consuming to make so maybe just buy some. Another classic is to basically just add Cadbury’s Mini Eggs (or another Easter chocolate) to a tried and tested recipe. This is a simple way to make cookies, cupcakes or even brownies more Easter-esque. But you can always just make whatever you fancy, considering the theme of Easter is chocolate, baking anything with chocolate can count as Easter baking!

Easter is also one of the few days that it is socially acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, and while I am a fan of literally just eating chocolate for breakfast you could go for a classier option. Maybe you could make chocolate pancakes or chocolate oats? You might not be celebrating your flat Easter on Easter Sunday but who cares, eat chocolate.

An important part of any holiday celebration, particularly one held by students, is alcohol. So, your flat Easter should definitely include some alcohol somewhere: even if it’s just having a classy drink with your meal or getting wasted while eating chocolate. Both sound like a great time, but there are definitely some untapped Easter drinking games available. I mean an egg cup and a shot glass are essentially the same shapes! Drinking shots out of an egg cup does seem like a very student thing to do… well actually doing the reverse (using a shot glass as an egg cup) gives off sad student vibes. But, if you make it into a purposeful Easter-themed sesh, then I feel like it becomes far less sad.

You can even make classic drinking games like Ring of Fire more Eastery by making it Egg of Fire (literally just shape the cards into an egg shape rather than a ring). With this logic, anything can become marginally more Eastery with some simple adaptions. Though I do feel like an Easter drinking game needs to also include chocolate somehow. So, you could make a game where if you win you eat chocolate and if you lose you have to drink a shot. This can be applied to so many different drinking games: the options are endless.

What’s another thing you do at Christmas: have a movie night. I would suggest an Easter-themed film night… but that might be hard considering there are approximately two films about Easter. You could also go for films about chocolate, but again that doesn’t leave many options (unless you really want to watch multiple adaptions of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). You could go for other films that are set in springtime and or give off spring-vibes. But even though there is a lack of thematic films available, you can always just eat chocolate and watch any film. A chocolaty film night is something I’m always down for.

So, hopefully this article has given you a variety of tips, tricks and ideas for how you can celebrate Easter with your flatmates, housemates, or… even your family. With all these options you have no excuse to not, at the very least, attempt to do something Eastery this year!

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