Marketing for SOCKSHOP: an interview


‘SOCKSHOP’ is a large sock and underwear provider in the UK. From bamboo socks and loungewear to annual donations towards charity ‘Emmaus’. I got the privilege of interviewing Kate Marrin, a Digital Marketer working with an agency towards the marketing efforts of SOCKSHOP. 

Tell me about what your job entails? 

I’m based on the search engine optimisation (SEO) team at a digital marketing agency, KW Digital as a Digital Marketing Executive. I work with companies to improve their search visibility online. This includes a lot of content writing, which is one of my favourite parts of the job.

 My job also includes analytics analysis, website management, social media, YouTube work, liaising with journalists and lots of research. 

This is a job I had no idea existed whilst at university, but it’s the perfect fit for someone looking to get into marketing who enjoys writing.

What made you choose to take this career path?

I studied ‘Theatre and English Literature’ at Lancaster University for my undergraduate degree, and after two years I realised that whilst I loved acting, it was just a hobby! I wanted a job that provided additional stability, opportunity for progression and could enable me to travel after the pandemic.

I did the classic career searches online, and discovered the world of marketing. If you never quite made it to professional football, wiggle in with the marketing team!

What’s it like working for a Digital Marketing Agency? 

One of the best parts about agency life is the variety. It gives you experience across a host of industries, which is something you’re unlikely to experience during an in-house marketing position. 

I cover companies across tourism, restaurants, health, manufacturing, education and fashion to name a few. Some of the clients KW Digital work with include SOCKSHOP, Pizza Hut, Chill Factore, Pall Mall Medical, The Global Classroom and Forever Unique. I’m hoping working here has greatly improved my general knowledge!

(A TIP!)

As a recent graduate I applied for lots of marketing positions within larger fashion labels like boohoo and Missguided, but was not successful. Fast forward two years and I’m now working with at least two fashion brands because they’re clients at the agency.

What’s it like working with a Fashion company?

Working with fashion clients like SOCKSHOP is fantastic because they always have new things in the works. They’ve just launched a fantastic new loungewear range that’s created from bamboo, and they’ve got fantastic Father’s Day presents with socks based on rock ‘n’ roll artists, so working with these products is always fab. 

One of the big parts of my job with SOCKSHOP is to capture the core message of their company and help to communicate this on their website. You’ll find that across their website, SOCKSHOP are all about using clothes (mainly socks – the hint is in the name!) to express yourself and live your best life. 

Writing blog content for fashion companies is brilliant to explore too because it’s always on trend and definitely inspires your own wardrobe!

Day-to-day, what do you do in relation to SOCKSHOP?

My task list ranges across all of my clients. I can be writing blogs one minute and then exploring search trends and analytics in the next.

It’s a great balance!

Can you share any marketing campaigns SOCKSHOP advocates?

A previous campaign with Erasmus raised over £17,000 for the homeless charity. 

At the moment, SOCKSHOP’s Bully-Free Zone campaign is working with Elmer and Kidscape to donate funds from their pathwork bamboo Elmer socks to support anti-bullying efforts in the UK. 

This is a campaign that I’ve helped to develop which has been incredibly rewarding!

What would you say to those that wish to pursue a similar career as yourself?

Go for it! No day is the same and it’s never boring. Grab every experience you can – and if you can’t find any then make your own. 

I set up my own podcast last year with one of my best friends and that definitely helped me to secure this job because it showed creativity, initiative and a willingness to learn. 

Finally, where do you see your career in  5 years time?

The pandemic makes it difficult to say but, in 5 years I’d definitely like to be in a management position. My ultimate long-term goal is to work within marketing for The Walt Disney Company, so if that happens in 5 years I’d be more than happy!

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