Pizza Showdown
It’s Time To Put Curiosity To Bed And Find Out Which One Reigns Supreme: Domino’s Vegan Margherita OR Their Classic Cheese and Tomato?


No, I didn’t eat them both in the same night. They lasted me six days. But yes, I have been well and truly hooked on Domino’s as my favourite takeaway chain for a while now.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve seen Domino’s Vegan Margherita but never wanted to waste your money on it in case it’s not as good as the famous Cheese and Tomato pizza. But, as a vegetarian that has recently cut out a lot of their dairy intake, I was eager to try it out.

A long, tiresome day of working on an assignment plus ‘Two For Tuesday’ makes a great combo; pizza was happening. But this evening, I was feeling ambitious, instead of the classic large Cheese and Tomato I decided to mix it up a bit. No, I’m not crazy enough to not get the Cheese and Tomato, I just paired it with a Vegan Margherita. It was time to put curiosity to bed and find out which one reigns supreme.

First up, the classic Cheese and Tomato. Well, we’ve all had one at some point and for those who haven’t, it’s what it says on the tin: pizza made up of Domino’s own tomato sauce, base and mozzarella cheese. It comes in every size, personal, small, medium, large and is accompanied with a small sachet of the famous garlic and herb dip. Although sparse, this pizza does a lot of things right. How? Using fifty-six ingredients, most of which I don’t know the name of. But who cares about that when it tastes so good?

Now for the Vegan Margherita. This pizza definitely has a wider range of toppings than the classic Cheese and Tomato with the addition of herbs, seasonings and pieces of fresh tomato. Although it doesn’t come in anything smaller than medium, to make up for this, it has the option for two types of base; either the classic crust or an Italian crust.

The cheese is a vegan substitute which isn’t standardly ‘cheesy’ but is still very nice. Slightly stickier in consistency and quantity wise, definitely more sparse than the usual amount of cheese on the non-vegan range. I think this works well as a contrast since the standard pizzas can often feel a bit too greasy and heavy at times.

In fact, the thin crust, and the absence of that thick layer of cheese, made for a much lighter pizza in general. It felt “healthy” – if that’s even possible for a takeaway.

It was both extremely tasty and tomato and herb dominant. I didn’t need anything to season it with and I would rather have eaten it alone than with any dips, which I think would have ruined its flavour. Overall, it felt more wholesome and “complete” in its taste; like something made in a restaurant with a bit more time and effort than a standard fast-food pizza.

Unfortunately, even though it could be frozen or stored in a fridge, it wasn’t the best reheated. The fresh tomato often stayed cold or lost both its taste and texture whilst the rest of the pizza reheated perfectly. I would recommend buying a medium and eating the majority of it whilst it’s still hot from the store; really they ought to do a smaller size.

For eating the next day, the classic Cheese and Tomato is definitely the winner but other than that it’s difficult to compare these guys. To say the Vegan Margherita is a non-dairy substitute for the classic Cheese and Tomato just isn’t accurate. Both are very different; it honestly depends on what you want from a Domino’s pizza.

However, I do feel like the Vegan Margherita needs to grow on me more, since it was so far from what I was expecting. It was delicious but could I sacrifice the classic Cheese and Tomato perks of mozzarella and garlic dip for it? I’m not sure – or not yet anyway.

At least when I’m ready to say goodbye to cheese forever, I know there’s one hell of a good Vegan Margherita ready to go. It’s great to know that big chains like these are producing something for everyone that, firstly, doesn’t lose its quality, and secondly, is unique in its recipe rather than being simply a mediocre obligation to provide for everyone’s dietary requirements.

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