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Campus life in Lancaster is one of close community, the shared experience of standing in the line at Sugar in a downpour, the drunk sultans afterwards, and the hungover queue for Greggs the next day really unite us all as students. However, the best way to stay in the loop with the goings on in Lancaster is social media, with countless pages, and more being made every week, there’s always some new and unique posts popping up in your feed. I have compiled you a list of the ‘need to know’ accounts for Lancs, the ones everybody is talking about, which you will undoubtedly end up talking about yourself.

Circuit Hate: @circuithate

 Anyone living on campus will talk your ear off about a lost battle with the laundry room, all the washers and dryers on campus are run by a company named Circuit Laundry, and let’s just say the app didn’t earn its one-star rating for nothing. Two lancs students Charlie and Charlie created the circuithate account in their first year living on campus, posting hilarious and relatable circuit slander to their twitter and Instagram. Between the two accounts, the Charlie’s have rounded up thousands of followers, and attention from the Cambridge Tab, Manchester Uni meme pages, and even had a few run ins with Circuit Laundry staff.  To quote: ‘save money for alcohol so you can cope with the amount you spend on washing.’

Lancs Crush: @lancs_crush

Totalling 2.5k followers in a year, the Lancs Crush account has easily become a staple of Lancaster life. People submit some details in a google doc about themselves, and their crush, drunk kiss in a club, or one that got away, then all that has to be done is wait for the post to go up and wait for the students of Lancs to reveal that they actually live with that one person you got off with in sugar, here is their snapchat.  Another one of my favourites is trying to work out if one of those very vague posts about a redhead is about me, or if the mysterious boy on the bus is my housemate, still, it never hurts to drop a comment, you never know, you could get a date out of it. I wish you luck in love this year. If you just can’t wait to tell someone about your campus crush, I’m always here to listen.

Only Lancs: @onlylancs

By far the most unhinged Lancs page you will find, confessions are submitted and posted anonymously, giving a scary insight into the way your fellow students live. Similar to the famous Lancsfessions on facebook, with nightmare sex stories, the most abhorrent communal bathroom sins, and more reasons to be horrified with your peers than you will ever need. Growing to have over 6k followers, when an especially big and scary post from Only Lancs drops, you will without a doubt hear talk on campus, and, if nothing else, after reading half of these confessions, you will feel better about your own embarrassing uni experiences. ‘Freshers. Have fun and do stuff. I challenge you to say yes to every opportunity you get in the first week. Go to the freshers fair and join at least 1 society.’

Bean the duck: @bean_the_duck

You won’t have to be on campus more than five minutes to spot an armada of ducks, students coexist in peace and solidarity with the ducks at Lancaster: just do not under any circumstances share your pastie with them in Alex square, you will be targeted by the entire duck population. Bean, however, is a lancs resident cuddly duck from County college, who explores the city, tries new societies, and documents these adventures online to act as your own feathered tour guide to Lancaster, if you’re lucky you might even get to meet him on a night out and take a snap. Get stuck into as much as possible and make the most of every day at your time here!’

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