Lancaster University Dance Society Dance Competition Results And How To Get Involved


On the 4th of February Lancaster University Dance Society (LUDanS) went head to head against other Northern universities such as Leeds and York.

Unsurprisingly, they came out on top, gaining first place for:

  • Advanced Jazz
  • Lyrical
  • Advanced Contemporary
  • Intermediate Street
  • Advanced Street
  • Best advanced Choreography for Jazz

On top of this, intermediate ballet, advanced tap, intermediate tap, and intermediate contemporary won awards for second and third place.

Such an incredible victory comes as no surprise to some because of the amazing performance LUDanS always delivers. In their Liverpool and York trips last year, dancers from the society especially shined and walked home with a plethora of awards.

This is due to all the hard work each dancer commits to in rehearsals with a dance student stating all-around dancers “probably have to contribute about four or five hours on Sunday, but all the efforts will become worthwhile with the announcement of the results of the competitions!”

However, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Before their competition, LUDanS performances faced some issues. “We literally were struggling to solve problems before going on to the stage,” dancer Yun Wen states. However due to their quick thinking they pulled through. “I was so proud of the choreographer and my team.”

Amirah Zaman, who performed in the intermediate Jazz and street groups, states that listening to the results makes everything worth it: “Hearing your team cheer for you and seeing the audience gives you such a rush.”

Amirah also goes on to say that “performing for at our Home Competition was incredible!” and if you’re thinking about joining LUDanS society then “just give it a go!”

There’s such a range of dance styles that they teach at LUDanS. I’ve created a mini guide to help you pick the style that would best suit you.

  • Tap – If you’ve never danced before, LUDanS Intermediate Tap might be a good pick for you. Although you have to move your feet, there’s minimal arm movement. Yet it’s incredibly fun and satisfying when everyone hits the floor on the final note. They also offer Advanced Tap lessons for those who want to explore this style further and delve into more complex dance routines.
  • Lyrical – Now I’ll admit I’d never heard of lyrical dancing either, however after witnessing our Lancaster dancers in their most recent competition, it has easily become my favourite to watch. Jam packed with expression and fluid movements, it’s a beautiful display. If you’re flexible, elegant, or even just a kitchen dancer, definably consider joining.
  • Jazz – Jazz dancing isn’t easy but with a steady rhythm to move to you’re never lost in a Jazz song. Featuring two different levels of experience, Intermediate and Advanced, LUDanS allows a chance for beginners and advanced dancers to have equal opportunities to join and compete.
  • Ballet – A particular highlight are LUDanS Ballet classes which require resilience and determination above all. However, as Amirah states “even if you’ve never danced before, the society is so welcoming and I would really recommend it for everyone”, so don’t be put off if you’re a beginner. Whilst ballet is extremely competitive and a lot of hard work it’s also extremely rewarding.
  • Contemporary – If you’re looking for something more casual, Contemporary may be for you. While equally as technical and hard, some would argue it’s less stressful. However, having said this, no matter what style you pick Wen says “LUDanS has many capable dancers and choreographers” so you’re in good hands.
  • Street – Street is my favourite to style of dancing. It’s fast paced, fierce, and fun. According to Wen it’s a “lovely, energetic, warm community” so if you find yourself loving dancing in clubs or wanting to dance like in music videos, then street dance is for you. It’s an incredible opportunity to be involved in their awesome dance routines.

If you are particularly confident there are plenty of opportunities to focus on your personal accomplishments as a dancer by audition for the wildcard audition, won this competition by Lancaster’s own Elise.

Or if you’re interested in creating a duo, trio or even if you want to audition with a smaller group of dances, LUDanS is very accommodating towards dancers and groups needs.

It creates a safe and happy dancing space, fostering a fantastic environment to “make friends with people who have common interests with you” Wen states.

According to Amirah LUDanS “had a social which was so much fun as it was a great way of relaxing!” As well as taking “society photos and each choreographer gave out an award to their team as a way of recognising everyone’s hard work.”

To see what the group are up to follow @LuDanS

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