SCAN arts at ‘The Accidental Husband’ Premier


Well, being an Arts Editor certainly has its perks! Last week, I was invited to a private screening and press conference in London’s Leicester Square for Colin Firth and Uma Thurman’s new film, The Accidental Husband. (And yes ladies, I did meet Colin Firth, and I am very happy to report that not only is he lovely, he’s even more attractive in the flesh!)

Uma’s producing debut, the film features Thurman as Emma Lloyd, an uptight Love Doctor who has recently become engaged to equally uptight, perfect-on-paper boyfriend Richard (Firth). However, after being dumped due to Dr Lloyd’s advice, fireman Patrick Sullivan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) plans an ingenious revenge; he hacks into U.S marriage records and registers Emma as already wed – to him! Obviously, with just weeks until her wedding, Emma is desperate to find this mystery man and obtain an annulment. However, when she does track him down, she begins to realise that she may have been wrong about her ideal husband all along… and that she might just have found him!

Let’s face it, the film doesn’t sound great; if they hadn’t thrown in a meeting with Colin Firth, it’s probably not something I would have watched! However, The Accidental Husband is surprisingly good – whilst it is inescapably your typical rom-com, it does add a few new elements to the genre, such as an absolutely hilarious character called Deep and an amusing subplot about mistaken identity featuring Isabella Rossellini! The film also features some secret celebrity cameos with frustratingly recognisable voices (Uma wouldn’t name them when we asked!) as the listeners of Emma’s radio show – see if you can work out who they are!

In addition, despite Thurman technically being Firth’s boss backstage – he joked during the press conference that “the threat of being fired was always there” – the pair have an undeniable chemistry on screen, and Firth is brilliant and very funny as the sweet, comfort eating Richard. On the other hand however, I personally found some of Emma and rival Patrick’s scenes cloying, and it is during such moments that the film unfortunately reverts to type – plenty of guilty looks, near kisses and disappointed sighs!

Overall, it’s a much better film than first impressions would suggest, and a lot funnier than your typical rom-com! My suggestion? See it with the girls as a late Valentine’s Day treat – anything with Colin Firth in is always worth the price of a cinema ticket!

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