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Girl In A Coma are a rock n roll band according to guitarist and leading lady Nina Diaz. A band that mainly creates rock/punk rock music from the second most populated city in Texas, San Antonio. The trio have been going for 9 years with Nina joining the group when she was age 13. Jenn Alva (Bass) and Phanie Diaz (Drums) could not let the opportunity pass after the being blown away with Nina’s great vocals. Their big break came when they did a ‘Meet Your Musical Hero’ type show at the Knitting Factory in New York, the musician was Joan Jett (Joan Jett and the Blackhearts) who was so impressed that she offered them a deal to sign with her record label Blackheart Records in 2006.

Within twelve months Both Before I’m Gone had been recorded, mixed and released. The album begins with Clumsy Sky which sets the tone. This album means business with the distorted and crunchy guitar, steady beats and pounding bass. The song was their first single and is also one of their most popular. Jett encouraged them to enter Clumsy Sky into the Independent Music Awards. The song won the best punk song in the 2007 awards. The second track Say is also a good and rocky number further cementing the three piece as a top high energy act. The most recognisable number off Both Before I’m Gone is Their Cell. All elements of this song are fantastic: there is a very memorable clean guitar line, the lyrics and vocals are well written and carried out, and the bass and drums fit in perfectly.

The album was a critical success with strong reviews in magazines including Alternative Press Magazine, the LA Weekly, Bust magazine, and many others, and the album reached No. 23 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart and No. 21 on iTunes. Road to Home’s video includes Amanda Lapore (Transgender Icon), the group have always been outspoken on human rights issues and active in the LGBTQ community. This freshman effort ends with the longest track that the group have ever released, Simple Man. Fittingly enough the song is just Nina and an acoustic guitar leading to a stripped back feel, closer to Both Before I’m Gone.

Trio B.C. (2009) (named after Phanie and Nina’s Granddad’s band) was the follow up and was produced by the Grammy winning Greg Collins (U2 and Gwen Stafani). It is more quality music delivered with passion and heart. It spawned a fan favourite, El Monte. A love song that turns sour, it utilises Nina’s incredible voice layered over an arpegiatted guitar. My personal pick off Trio B.C. is Trail – I just love it. Girl In A Coma then went on to do a cover album with songs from bands they were influenced by including Bowie, The Beatles and Joy Division. This record works because they put their own stamp on these classic bands hits. The three piece also covered the Selina song Si Una Vez. The song is in Spanish and I struggle to think of a better cover to be put down on record (I really want them to do a whole album in Spanish).

Exits and All the Rest came out three years ago and won the band their second Independent Music Award, this time for the best Indie/Alt Rock album at the 2012 event. Again proving that the band are a quality outfit. Along with the albums, GIAC are a electric live band, and Nina’s highly energetic performances captivate audiences. Jenna and Phanie rock their part of the stage, and as a whole Girl In A Coma are a band that you have to listen to. Check ‘em Out.





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