Love is like a box of chocolates. . .


Most of you will be aware that in just under fourteen days it’s going to be one of our all-time favourite days of the year. Yes, that’s right, ‘Singles Awareness Day’ (S.A.D) on February 14th, I mean, Valentine’s Day of course!

Every year there seems to be mixed reactions from people over this most “romantic” of days, mainly depending on whether you are in a relationship with somebody or not. So what does February 14th hold for the singletons among us? Well for a start it definitely doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. You could use the day for what it’s set out to be and take that chance that you’ve been too afraid to take, to make a move on that special someone. If you can’t do it on Valentine’s Day, then when can you? The added “romance” of the day might even work in your favour, or then again maybe not if they’re not really into the cheese of it all…

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Another thing those of us who aren’t tied down could do is just get out there and let loose, there’s plenty of nights out/events going on in Lancaster around the 14th, so grab your other single friends and head on out! You may even find something you didn’t expect. Apart from getting involved in the day or trying to completely ignore it there’s not much else you can do as an individual on Valentine’s Day so just don’t sit around moping about not getting inundated with flower/cards/chocolates etc. from secret admirers, trust me your day will come! But, until it does, make the most of the ‘freedom’ and take the opportunity to have a quiet laugh at your smitten friends buying all manner of pink and heart shaped gifts. However, don’t be too mean unless of course they decide to rub their “love” in your face. In which case feel free to pelt them with their own heart-shaped confectionary.

Now for the rest of us who fit into the complex world of relationships, what can we expect on ‘Singles Awareness Day’? Well obviously how you use the day varies from one relationship to the next, however I doubt there are many couples out there who pass the day unnoticed so I’m not going to list things to do on Valentine’s Day, you can use your own imagination for that. But I would just like to comment on how the day has become totally commercialised and without a little flair from you can end up being quite impersonal (probably the total opposite effect you’re going for!) So, yes go for the flowers, chocolates and card combination if that’s what your partner likes but give it a little personal twist, even something as small as just writing a personal joke in the card or getting a specific type of flowers or chocolates shows you put some thought into it and can make a huge difference on the impression you’re making.

For me personally, even though I’m in a relationship right now, the whole idea of the mass produced celebration that is Valentine’s Day makes me cringe a little. Sure, I like a bit of romance as much as the next girl but I think my main problem is the forced atmosphere February 14th has. The idea of confining “love” to one specific day seems like you’re making an excuse for the rest of the year and appears to ruin one of the best things about being with someone; the opportunity to be spontaneous and surprise the person you “love”.

February 14th’s drawing closer and however you decide to spend it have fun and be in the company of people you care about. No sulking alone in your room allowed! And remember, let the people you love know that you care, not just on this one day but whenever you can. “Nothing says ‘I love you’ like dead vegetation and fat saturated sugar products.”

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