#WritingfromLockdown Challenge

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We’re deep into lockdown and there’s never been a better time to crack open that notebook you’ve been saving and start our 30-writing challenge. Poetry, prose, screen or articles – just follow the prompts below to join in!

  1. Start off small, write about your four walls
  2. Describe a villain
  3. Revisit your Nintendogs. What’re they up to?
  4. Write about your first love
  5. Review the last book you read (or film you watched, if it be like that)
  6. Write about what someone else is doing in the lockdown
  7. Edit an old piece into a new medium
  8. Sit outside and free-write for 30 minutes
  9. Turn on Bailrigg FM and write about what’s on…
  10. Write about a horoscope
  11. Keep a diary for a day
  12. Write a feature article about someone you find interesting
  13. Retell your favourite book as a poem
  14. Create a mythical creature and go nuts on the exposition
  15. Break the ‘Governments must be Monarchies’ cliché
  16. Write about mental health
  17. Rewrite a fairy tale
  18. Turn off your WiFi and free-write
  19. Try a medium you’ve never written before (screenplay, haiku, song)
  20. Write about God
  21. The language of flowers
  22. Break the tattoo shop/flower shop cliché
  23. Open the nearest book and use the first sentence as your first line
  24. Write about a bored widow
  25. Write something outside of your comfort zone
  26. Go for a walk and find a new writing spot
  27. Describe something you find stunning
  28. Something history forgot
  29. Find somewhere weird to write about
  30. Put your playlist on shuffle and free-write until the first song finishes

Write as much or as little, as close or as far from the prompt as you want. But make sure to take plenty of photos of you and your writing to share on socials with #WritingFromLockdown – and tag @scanlancaster on Instagram!

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