Lancaster LGBTQ+ Forum Announce Boycott of Generation Nightclub Has Been Suspended


After over three months of boycotting Generation nightclub, the Lancaster LGBTQ+ Forum announced, today, their renewed support of the club.

Following a motion passed by the Lancaster LGBTQ+ forum on the 27th of October 2021, Lancaster’s only LGBTQ+ nightclub, ‘Generation’ was subject to a boycott regarding issues that were raised by the nightclub’s response to the ‘Night In’ campaign.  

Whilst the ‘Night In’ was happening across the country on the 27th of October to protest nightclubs’ inadequate anti-spiking and safety measures, Generation opted to remain open, confirming their decision in a controversial social media post:

“Open as normal this evening 

“Generation is a safe space dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community here in lancaster[sic] and the north west[sic]. We welcome everyone into our venue and are proud of our safeguards both preexisting[sic] and new to protect all our customers and staff. We will be operating our bar area on Wednesday night. As we are the only dedicated safe space for the queer community here in lancaster[sic]” 

Generation Nightclub

The Lancaster LGBTQ+ Form condemned the club for its “lack of solidarity with minority and at risk populations, including women and LGBTQ+ individuals,” lack of clarification of safety measures, its undermining of the boycott “and in doing so profiting from nightclub closures” as well as pre-existing fears surrounding the club’s commitment to LGBTQ+ safety. 

In an Instagram post, the Forum also commented:

“We vehemently disagree with the claims made in the post: there are numerous LGBTQ+ groups in Lancaster, who provide safe spaces for us all around the city.” 

Lancaster LGBTQ+ Forum

The Forum said that the boycott would remain in place until Generation “is deemed safe for attendance by the Exec.” 

This decision around the assurance of safety in Generation came today, as the Forum announced the end of the boycott in an official motion.

Since the start of the boycott, a series of safety measures have been introduced at the nightclub, which include; first-aid training for staff, an on-site welfare room, an ‘ask for an angel shot’ initiative which will indicate to bar staff that an individual is in need of help, anti-spiking devices and the improved assessment of inappropriate behaviour by security staff. 

Following a meeting between Forum executives and Generation management, there has also been proposals of social media posts being reviewed by more than one member of staff, increased communication between queer groups and spaces in Lancaster, earlier opening hours to cater for sober functions, better welfare signposting in the club and a greater publicization of the new safety measures. 

In their official motion, the Forum noted the nightclub’s genuine desire to improve the safety of their establishment and said that “the collective power of our community has made a positive change.”  

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