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The Sugarhouse Announce Covid Passes Will Continue For The Immediate Future


Despite the Government announcing that all Plan B restrictions have been lifted in England, Lancaster’s Sugarhouse will still require a Covid Pass.

Today saw the announcement that all Plan B restrictions are now lifted meaning that face coverings will no longer be mandatory in indoor venues and Covid passes no longer necessary for entry to nightclubs.

However, despite England’s move to Plan A reassuring the population that the end of the Pandemic remains in sight, concerns have risen for the sudden abandonment of Covid passes, particularly for entry to nightclubs.

Although GLOW has announced it will no longer require a Covid pass for entry, The Sugarhouse have decided to retain the requirement of a Covid Passes/negative LFTs despite the changes announced by the Government.

“We’re going to retain the requirements for Covid Passes/Negative LFT results at Sugarhouse despite the changes announced by the Government. We believe students and our student staff value the extra measures we have in place to keep them safe whilst at our venue.”


The initial announcement that The Sugarhouse would require an NHS Covid pass upon entry occurred back in December last year in light of new Government guidance for tackling the Omicron variant.

Covid passes could be obtained if you had either been double vaccinated, had a positive PCR test in the last six months, or received a negative PCR or LFT test result in the last 48 hours.

With these measures recognized as valued by both students and staff who appreciate the “extra measures we have in place to keep them safe whilst at our venue” they will continue.

However, these measures won’t be permanent with the Students’ Union expressing that “we are going to review this decision internally every five weeks.”

This decision on behalf of The Sugarhouse will also be enforced at other events including Refresher’s Fair.

In regard to face coverings, the University is taking a similarly cautious approach to the lifting of all Plan B measures, encouraging the continued use of face coverings in teaching spaces as well as regular LFTs whether symptoms are shown or not.

With the unpredictable nature of new variants, The Sugarhouse’s commitment to five week reviews should ensure that the measures in place continue to reflect the current climate for student health and safety.

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