Candidates for VP Finance, Events, Democracy and Societies


Andrew Johnston

Andrew Johnston is a former County JCR President. He is running for the position of VP Finance, Events, Democracy and Societies, a role he sees as a continuation of the work done by the General Secretary under the previous Sabbatical system. “The students deserve a VP-FEDS that is as dedicated, enthusiastic and competent as the recent General Secretaries have been,” Andrew said, “and I fully believe I am that person.”

For Andrew, the issue that would be at the centre of his work should he be elected is participation. “I would love to create an ethos around the J. F. Kennedy speech: ‘Ask not what your union can do for you, but what you can do for your union,'” he said. “This would encompass everything from elections, to JCRs, to societies, to volunteering, to the Sugarhouse and much more. The amount of potential within the student body is massive.”

Also key, Andrew felt, was the issue of communication—between the VP-FEDS and JCRs, between the VP-FEDs and societies, and between the VP-FEDS and the wider student body. “I intend to offer the student body a VP-FEDS they can connect with, one that understands the concerns of wider student participation,” he said. “I believe constant support for JCR and Society execs is key to this role, not only to provide great Extravs and events, but throughout the year so that the essential jobs they do can be recognised.”

Andrew feels that his experience, primarily on the JCR exec of County college, will stand him in good stead to become VP-FEDS. “The amount of organisation and dedication that is needed for this job is massive, and I feel that my time working within the Union and with students campus-wide has given me a sound footing in this area.”

Sandeep Bainwait

Running for the position of Vice-President Finance, Events, Democracy and Societies, Sandeep feels that his past experience at the university makes him a good candidate for the role. Sandeep has been Chief Returning Officer for LUSU, General Secretary and Media Officer on the County JCR exec, and a History course representative.

“Administration and communication is important in LUSU, and so are the people; in my various roles I have demonstrated my ability to work with people and to understand how to get things done,” he said. “Personal character and life experience are just as important in a Union where we should have compassion for the people we work with and who contribute their time to helping others.”

Sandeep stressed the importance both of democracy and of working with the union in the coming year. “I offer leadership in upholding your democratic right to question and hold to account your Union representatives,” he said. “I offer to embrace change where progress is needed and to talk to the Union, to listen to the Union and to work with the Union.”

The key issue for Sandeep, however, is electoral reform and the potential introduction of electronic voting. “I strongly believe that the question we should be asking is: are our electoral processes effective and is progress needed?” Sandeep said. “Elections are at the foundation of our Union and in the modern environment we operate in, elections should reflect a process which people understand and can access.”

Sandeep hopes that, if elected, he will help to improve the union. “I hope to make a positive difference to the union,” Sandeep said, “by working with people. I hope to  finish the year in office with a sense of having served the union with dignity, respect and conviction.”

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