Clark hits the mark for Academic

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Photo by Jay Theis

Richard Clark was the only candidate in the Full Time Officer Elections to go head to head with RON as he ran for the position of VP (Academic). The current Cross Campus Academic Council officer soared to victory over RON with 1557 votes to RON’s 424 votes.

Speaking to SCAN in response to the election results, Richard exclaimed “I’m really excited. I can’t wait for the coming year; it’s going to be brilliant!”

In terms of running against RON, Clark pointed out that “people always say that it’s slightly easier but it’s [about] making sure you’ve got a good campaign and you’ve got a good idea.”

When asked about his time in office, Clark said he is going to make sure that the student experience is at “the forefront of my decisions and my job, particularly in making sure that the £9000 fees aren’t too much of a detriment towards students.”

Current VP (Academic), Alex Carlin, stated that Richard “has probably one of the hardest years coming up against him in a very long time” as “the University is making lots of big strategic decisions and they’re not all going to be finished by time June/July comes along.”

Nevertheless, Carlin expressed utmost confidence in Clark, as he stated that “he’s excelled so far in everything that he’s done” and “I’m extremely confident that Richard will do a fantastic job.”

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