A new era dawns for the Lancaster Bombers


This year sees the Lancaster Bombers celebrate 21 years of American Football in Lancaster and north Lancashire. The Bombers are unique from most other AU Clubs at Lancaster in that we were began as a senior/local team before becoming a Uni Team. They started as a group of like minded American Football fans in 1987, playing their first game in 1988. During the 1989 season it was decided due to a lack of players to openly recruit at Lancaster University, several students made the starting team and contributed to a successful season. In 1991 the Bombers moved permanently to Lancaster University and competed in BCAFL (British Collegiate American Football League).

This year sees two major events for the Lancaster Bombers firstly as already mentioned we’re celebrating 21 years of American Football in Lancaster. Secondly the current Lancaster Bombers have taken an historically step in changing the Clubs playing colours from the traditional Bombers (royal) Blue and White, to University Red and Black, the club logo even features the true AU colour of gunmetal grey.

American Football is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, with over 45 University Clubs now playing across the country, and another 13 development sides waiting in the wings. The Bombers had over 120 people sign up at Fresher’s Fair, and are looking to hopefully reach the playoffs in their 21st year.

AU President Gareth Coleman joined some of the current Bombers as they unveiled the new home kit for the 2008/2009 season, and was given the number 21 jersey to wear as a sign of the bombers 21st Birthday Year. He had this to say on the Lancaster American Football joining BUCS in 2009/2010;

“Since BUCS is now the official body for university sport, it makes sense that the American Footballers get the chance to earn points for their university. Unlike most Universities across the country, we at Lancaster already regard our American Football team as a BUCS club when it comes to status and funding. Hopefully American Football and the BUAFL will settle into BUCS without any problems in 2009/2010. As for the growth of American Football, it’s a refreshing culture change from the traditional ‘field’ sports played in the UK (at least I’ve always thought so), and by being in BUCS, American Football should become more firmly established within the UK – enticing more people to play American Football from the UK.”

Lancaster Bombers Club President Tom White also commented on the new playing kit,
‘The new kit looks fantastic. The team is really excited to finally get to play in them after this long wait. After playing in Blue for 20 years, the team was required to change to the University colours over the next two years, and this is a brilliant way. No one can wait to get them on this Sunday against Sheffield Hallam Warriors and show what we can do with an added intensity.’

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