Pendle in search for new Principal


Pendle College is looking to appoint a new Principal from July.

Following two terms in the role, Peter Scullion, the current Principal, will be running again for a third term. However, this decision has been received with controversy. After six years as College Principal, it is the feeling among some that perhaps a new face is needed.

According to university guidelines, the term of office for a Principal will be three years in the first instance. They may be appointed for a further three years without election, subject to satisfactory performance and after that, the candidate may stand for election for one further term.

Should Scullion be elected it will be his final term in office. He told SCAN that due to the appointment being a process of interview he would rather not comment in case it could be construed as lobbying for the position.

Hilary Simmons, Head of the College and Residence Office, will be accepting applications and nominations until 26 February 2010. The interview process will then follow.

There are approximately 1,500 students in Pendle, and so it is necessary that an effective leader be appointed to continue what has been a successful running of the College up to this date.

The role of a Principal is seen as one of the most rewarding jobs on a college SCR, as well as being one of the most challenging. The role mainly comes down to making sure that College life is what both students and staff expect it to be.

Principals are appointed by the relevant College Council on the recommendations of the Senate of that College. The search committee is usually made up with at least three college members; at least one is from the JCR and one from the SCR.

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