Sorry and the Sinatras Interview


The Retro Bar, Manchester, Wednesday 21st October 09

The weather luckily was rather good, if not a little cold but it didn’t stop people coming out to the Retro Bar to see Sorry and the Sinatra’s supported by Redneck Zombies and Zombina and the Skeletons. Before the show I managed to catch up with the guys and see how the UK is going for them and what advice they could give other students. I’d been thinking there had to be differences between playing in the USA and the UK so I asked singer Scott what he thought; “ erm there’s really not much difference, just the fans are a little more up for it here. All in all the US is so big every territory is very err different you could play the North east and it could be horrible and then go down south and it could be fantastic, it’s just such a big place it’s like a different country. Yeah there’s more loyal fans in here, in the States it’s harder to keep their attention.” He says.

The band first played the UK last summer, being an American band over here will always be different and on first approaching the subject Scott only had one word to say, “Nerve-racking,” then laughed. He then continued “I mean it was out first show with the proper line-up err no body had really heard of us over here. We were playing with the Loyalties and the Eureka Machines, both great bands. Going on after them was a bit nerve-racking but still like a second homcoming as their were all our frineds in the crowd.” He explains. “It was re-affirming too,” the bands bassist Roger adds.

In the media we hear so many ridiculous stories of celebrities and their demanding riders, for bands especially ones starting out they don’t get this priviallge and instead get to remember important items to take on tour. They gave me some advice on what is important to take with you, “My hat,” guitarist Dave says, “Babywipes,” was Roger’s answer, “Socks and Underwear,” were important for Scott and “Ibprophen or some type of painkiller…which we don’t have,” Roger added looking slightly sorry for himself.
Earlier on last year they bought out their debut album, ‘Highball roller,’ the name is befitting of the band,” Actually when we were writing the record all we were drinking were highballs which is scotch and soda and we were trying to figure out a name for the record, and I was like what about highball roller? I don’t even know where the roller came in.” Scott explains. “Yeah I think that we were toying with a couple of other things, it might have not been that or that deep.” Roger added. Their debate then continues to talking about other names they’d had at the time whilst under the influence of the highball rollers and the 4 of them start laughing, they’re a fun band to be around but serious about what they’re doing.

When they were hear last they recieved a great response from music magazines and respectable London newspapers, I asked them what’s it like for them to get this type of press. “Re-affirming, you know you’re doing a good job. You never know with the press, overall they’ve been really kind to us.” Scott says. I couldn’t help but wonder what the differences are between here and the states, so Roger explained it simply, “I think it’s harder to get in the States because it’s a smaller territory here it’s easier to get it, over there you have to find it.”

It would be hard to interview any band without asking their influences amoung the names were bands like AC/DC, The Smiths, The Bronx, The New York Doll and Iron Maiden from Dave and their Drummer Lenny says, “Social Distortion, Rancid, UK Subs,”by this time there wasn;t much else to name as Roger points out before mentioning Old Kiss and Alice Cooper.
The UK fans were out in full force and I wanted to see what the band had to say to them and other fans reading about them; “come have a drink with us, come to our shows we’re actually really good.” Scott says enthusiastly and Roger adds, “you might hear of us sometime.” I suppose if you’re reading this interview then now you have.

I finish by asking if they have any other advice for musicians, the industry, job and passion were pretty much summed up by the band when Roger says, “Go to college, actually no you know what don’t listen to the ney-says it’s cliche and corny but don’t listen to the ney-says it’ll be a rough go but if you really want it.” Then added, “be prepared.” Scott recommends, “It’s never gonna be easy, don’t overdo it no matter how big you make it,there’s always gonna be a drawback stay with it.” Lenny looks at me seriously and says, “If you love it, do it.”

With that they’re finished and off to get ready to play another great Sorry the Sinatra’s show on their first proper UK tour.

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