Fylde girls to be tattooed for charity


The spirit of charity is alive and well in Fylde College as two girls are getting tattooed to raise money for the Haiti Earthquake Appeal.

Kelsey Arif and Rachel Basnett plan to have the Fylde windmill permanently tattooed on their bodies as part of RAG Week.

“To be honest the idea came about after a few drinks, games of Uno and a slice of pizza,” Arif explained. “We were talking about whether we thought anyone had done any crazy statements to show their love for Fylde and decided a windmill tattoo would top the lot.”

“Then Rachel had a good idea to seriously do it for charity and as Haiti is the most current we chose them,” she added.
It is estimated that the Haitian earthquake on 12 January, measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale, could claim up to 200,000 lives. With an increasing danger of roaming gangs and epidemics, the need for relief in the country has never been more urgent.

Arif and Basnett will be patrolling campus and knocking on doors of Fylde residences as well as placing a donation bucket in Fylde Bar to help reach their target of £500.

This charity event is not just restricted to Fylde, however. “Anyone is welcome to stop us to contribute or ask questions at anytime,” said Arif.

News of the girls’ planned act has spread far and wide across campus. Emma Williams, of Lonsdale, said “It shows college pride and is something a bit different. I doubt they’ll regret it too much and it’s for a good cause.”
Liam Shepherd, of Bowland, agrees. “It shows great commitment to a great cause. More people should be willing to do things like this for charity,” he said.

RAG President Leah Smith said “I hope they get lots of sponsors to raise awareness of what they are doing for Haiti’s charity,” adding “if they would like to come along to our RAG meeting to get sponsors from members of the RAG society then they are more than welcome.”

RAG Week will be held in Week Six and is a university-wide drive to raise money for a whole host of charities including Mencap, St. John’s Hospice, and Stepping Stones Nigeria.

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