Fylde and Furness join forces for Chinese New Year celebrations




Monday Week Six saw an event in Fylde bar to celebrate Chinese New Year, hosted by Fylde and Furness JCR Execs.

The event included the provision of free food, from Wong’s Kitchen on campus, which had been bought by the pooled budgets of Fylde and Furness JCR Execs. As well as this, there was music and face painting, to celebrate the new year of the Tiger.

Ariel Lambert, Furness JCR’s International Students Representative helped organise the event. Speaking shortly after the event, Lambert said, “I’m really pleased with it… a lot of people came, and they’re still standing in the bar, which I think is amazing.”

“Fylde got the food together, and we got the decorations… it was a really good effort from everyone really,” she added.

The evening went largely without any problems, though unexpected popularity of the food meant that the event ran out of paper plates part way through the evening.

A Furness student, Kate Utton said: “The JCR Execs worked really well together and it was pretty well organized – apart from running out of plates!”

A student from Fylde was pleased with the night. “It was really good to see the two colleges coming together to organise this event – you can sometimes feel that individual colleges forget about international students, but the night was really impressive, and the tiger face painting was a really fun idea.”

Lambert spoke about future plans for the two JCRs to work together, mentioning an Oktoberfest event, hosted in Furness bar, where she hoped the colleges could come together again



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