Vampires Aren’t Dead Yet


Fresh from the Twilight bandwagon comes a new series to ITV2, The Vampire Diaries. Though there are obvious similarities to Twilight, an immortal and beautiful vampire in love with an ordinary high school girl, this TV series is set to be very popular in its own right. Since the globally successful reboot of the vampire franchise, many TV series, films and books have attempted to cash in on some of the success achieved by Stephenie Meyer. True Blood, for example, recently aired on channel 4 is a more grown up and pornographic take on the lust for blood.

However, this new series is about the clash between the two Salvatore brothers, Stefan and Damon and in doing so, an age-old struggle between good and evil. After hundreds of years, the brothers have returned to their home town of Mystic Falls. Stefan, the good one, falls in love, as expected, with the troubled high school beauty and a battle for her heart ensues. Though only up to episode four in England, it is full of the excitement and fun one has come to expect from American teen dramas. I know others that are following the series as it progresses in America and are up to episode fifteen, they tell me that the pace and bloodsucking is just as good as it was at the beginning of the series.

Now, like all American high school dramas, this too follows a formula: beautiful, buff man falls in love with beautiful, yet troubled girl while competing with another man for her love. However, with the introduction of the blood and mystery of what really happened all those years ago, there is an extra spark to the sex in this drama.

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