Humour and Life Lessons in Northern Ireland


Director Sabrina McNally is hoping that her production ‘Tea in a China Cup’ will excite audiences when it is shown at the Dukes Theatre at the end of summer term.

‘Tea in a China Cup’ is a modern play, set during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. It was written by Christina Reid and the main events take place in Belfast, at the height of the political and religious conflict. It follows the lives of Beth and Teresa, two best friends from either side of the Catholic/ Protestant divide, and is filled with references to Northern Irish tradition and humour. Beth and Teresa, despite the differing views of their families and the violence that surrounds them, remain close friends throughout.

Sabrina says that ‘Tea in a China Cup’ considers ‘universal issues of war, friendship and coping with death. The play is told through a middle class Protestant girl called Beth as she moves from childhood innocence, to adolescent questioning and discovery of sexual relationships, to a married woman.’

The play also makes extensive use of flashback, showing events from the 1917 Battle of the Somme and the 1930s, as well as flashing forward in time to the 1970s.

It was second time lucky for Sabrina and her production team, who had first proposed to stage the play through LUTG in Lent term. However, it is now that it has finally been put into production.

The play requires seven male and eight female roles, so there are a number of chances for aspiring actors to get involved. Auditions will be held on the Saturday and Sunday of week 1, the 24th and 25th April.

Sabrina adds that the play hopes to combine ‘friendship, faith and division through comedy and emotional intensity to grip the audience.’

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