Ultraviolence at LUTG


This term, LUTG take on Anthony Burgess’s ‘A Clockwork Orange’ at the Nuffield Theatre on 3rd, 4th and 5th of June. The story is perhaps familiar to most through the film adaptation directed by Stanley Kubrick in 197. However, David Butler, who will be directing the production would like to stress that it is not the film adaptation that interests him about the idea of the production. He will focus on Burgess’s play adaptation which ‘transforms the play into a mini-musical, with music and songs adapted from Beethoven’s work along with Burgess’s own compositions’.

‘A Clockwork Orange’ is the story of Alex and his vicious gang who revel in horrific violence, mugging and gang rape. After one of the gang’s drug-fueled nights ends in murder, Alex is caught and locked up, given the choice to remain in prison for the rest of his life, or be brainwashed and set free.

David Butler’s concept for the production is quite different from what those who are familiar with the story, particularly Kubrick’s adaptation, would expect. He plans to present the play in a bar style setting, in the Korova Milk Bar. The actors will surround the audience with much of the action taking place around them with a great level on involvement and interaction. Butler believes that the combination of ‘often-whimsical nature of the music’ and ‘extreme violence’ will provide a stark contrast, helping to make the characters actions that more “shocking and disturbing, as they indeed ought to be”.

Auditions for ‘A Clockwork Orange’ will be held on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th April, at the end of Week One. Anyone wanting to audition will need to attend either the Saturday or Sunday sessions from 12:00pm and recalls will be held on the following Monday or Tuesday. If you are not able to attend either of the sessions at the weekend, you can attend the recalls.

Tickets will be available from the Nuffield Theatre closer to the date. This is a show not to be missed, and I for one will be booking my ticket nice and early.

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