Theatre Group Take On Shakespeare Classic


LUTG will be taking on the much loved, canonical text, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ this summer at the Dukes Youth Theatre (DT3) on 11th and 12th June. For those of you unaware of the story, perhaps you have managed to avoid studying the text or witnessing the immense amount of adaptations in literature and film, here’s a quick run through. Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet are the ‘star cross’d lovers’ who transcend the ancient feuding between their two families. The feud forces them into secrecy, caused by violence, oppressive fathers and arranged marriages. Romeo and Juliet is a play about the passion of young love, resulting in the, spoiler alert, tragic death of the young couple.

Emily Buttery’s concept for the production involves a ‘slighty adventurous setting of a combination of the Ottoman Empire and ancient Persia, everything about the play will be in excess, the surroundings, the passion and the violence’. The set will include drapes, rugs, cushions, pipes and will have a plush, excessive feel which is intended to transport the audience into an ‘exotic setting, where love, hate and violence co-exist in dangerously close proximity’.

For information on auditions, check out the LUTG website, or contact the director, Emily Buttery at [email][/email].

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