The News From the Kendal Calling Camp Just Keeps on Getting Better


The news from the Kendal Calling camp just keeps on getting better…

Not only have the headline acts been announced but there’s good news for early birds on the campsite. The organisers have secured a great deal for those wanting to get there and be set up for the official festival opening at 5pm on the Friday: 1500 £20 camping passes for Thursday night. A part of the arena will be open and the Freakeasy crew will be on hand to entertain. Here’s the official blurb:

Freakeasy is a pan-dimensional speakeasy, somewhere Rick’s Bar and The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Containing the sights, sounds, thrills and spills of the distant past and the near future, it’s the place to party on the edge and embrace the unknown. Featuring brand new acts and some established favourites from the circus circuit, Freakeasy combines the sounds of swing with the produce of the rave generation.

Now that might or might not mean something to you – I’m bemused by it – but it sure sounds like a fun way to kick off the festival and you get to avoid the Friday traffic…

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