A Farewell to Arts City


“How have you found it in Lancaster? I heard there’s not much going on.” The one good thing about graduating will be that sooner or later people from my hometown will have to stop saying that. That’s my hometown that doesn’t even have a cinema by the way.

I just can’t see where this reputation has come from. Lancaster is what you make of it, and in terms of an arts scene, you can’t ask for a lot more – it’s the best in the North West outside of Manchester and Liverpool, fact. My role as Arts editor this year has particularly opened my eyes to everything on offer to students. Litfest, the Lancaster Music Festival, the LICA shows, Battle of the Bands, comedians at the Grand, brilliant plays at the Dukes, a cinema on campus, art galleries, Spotlight open mic nights… it’s felt like there’s never not been something on. The range of things on offer is impressive. I would like to see LICA start putting on some more student-friendly events (comedians etc) and a bit more variety in the acts booked for Sugarhouse, but in general, we’ve got it pretty good.

Part of me thinks I could have done more while I’ve been here. Had a couple of extra trips to the Dukes, used Take 2 cinema a bit more often. Maybe I should have had a go at being in a LUTG production, set up a Bailrigg show, gone to watch more LUCI performances… Truth is, when you’re in Lancaster you’re spoiled for choice.

If you’re here again next year, I’m envious of you. Make it your own – a cultured individual with a 2:1 always trumps having a first and nothing to talk about. Download the Lancaster Arts City app. Don’t ignore all the posters on the spine. If your friend is in a performance, go and support. Do everything you think sounds good. Oh, and keep reading SCAN, obviously. I doubt that Jamie, next year’s Arts editor, will be wishing he’d done more when it’s this time next year, because he couldn’t be more involved with Lancaster arts. You’re in safe hands!

Simon James

Any excuse to write about Oasis really.

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