How the college bars react to drug use on premises


The nine college bars on Lancaster Campus are unanimous in their approach to drug abusers caught in the act.  Like almost all of the ruling social standards accepted by British society, they have clear and unswerving policy on drug use on their premises.

In the process of compiling this article all nine of the bars were approached about any past incidents and their principles in place to deal with them.

Furness Bar
The member of staff spoken to in Furness stated that there hadn’t been any incidents in the five years she has been working there.  There had been some marijuana found on the tables outside, but as they are not part of the licensed premises it was not a matter for the bar staff.  The policy is displayed at “a good height for everyone to be able to read them”, although the policies and notices on display are easy to miss.  Though there is no formal training on patrons’ drug abuse the licensee, Martin Hulland, only hires staff who have adequate training from other bars or in other roles such as that of Assistant Dean.

Bowland Bar
Ian “Chomps” Thompson, the licensee, stated that while nothing had happened recently, he has had to eject someone from the bar who was smoking marijuana before.  When asked what policies he would follow in the event of catching someone, he indicated the blatantly displayed policy notice at the bar and stated that he would follow the instructions every bar adheres to, barring the patron from every premises on campus and notifying the relevant authorities.

Grizedale Bar
Despite not being open all that long, the spokesman in Grizedale bar stated that there had been instances where people were suspected to be on something.  He stressed that there had never been an instance where patrons had been caught doing drugs on the premises.
In the event of anyone ever being found dealing or using, the spokesman stated they would be forcibly removed and then barred.  The staff in Grizedale also work in Pendle.
Fylde Bar
The licensee for Fylde stated that there had never been anyone caught engaging in drug use in Fylde bar, but that he had previously caught people in other roles outside of the University. Both the licensee and the barman on shift at the time of interview were very clear on their plan of action in the event of a patron being caught.  They  would immediately forcibly remove the patron, inform the porter and the security team, who would then inform the police, close the bar for the night and inform the University that the discovery had been made.
Lonsdale Bar
Seen a few people suspected of being on something but never caught anybody in the act. People probably are on drugs but they have too much respect for the college bars to do it in here. Their rooms are really close to the bar too so why would they do it here?

Pendle Bar
Never really seen anything. Only ever would really happen at a big event like Extrav. Usually quiet. Not a problem on campus compared to most universities.

Cartmel Bar
The staff spoken to weren’t really willing to consider talking about the investigation.

Graduate Bar
The staff member from Graduate College bar, who wished to remain anonymous, commented “I’ve worked in a few bars and seen a few people smoking weed just outside where we usually can’t see. The main problem that I see is people being far too open about talking about it.”   They were forthcoming about the student scene, saying “I personally have been asked a few times while working if I can get hold of anything. Big events get a few drugs because it’s more of a club scene [coke]. Campus isn’t really the environment for drugs but town definitely is. I’ve been offered pills in Sugarhouse. Mcat is a drug that sweeps across the board as it is so cheap. Overall I’d say that Lancaster isn’t that drug friendly compared to some places I’ve been.”

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