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Michael McDonald (Furness)
Favourite bar: Furness
“There is an easy going atmosphere where you can relax with your friends.”
Favourite drink: Strongbow

Andrew Pillow (Furness)
Favourite bar: Graduate
“I like it because it is a quiet pub like place.”
Favourite drink: Ale

Louise Whitehead (Bowland)
Favourite bar: Graduate
“Comfortable place where you can go to relax and they serve real ales.”
Favourite drink: Erdinger or Gin

Rajesh Achall (Bowland)
Favourite bar: Bowland
“It is like a proper pub and I see it as the hub of college spirit.”
Favourite drink: Snakebite

Natalie Hook (Cartmel)
Favourite bar: Furness
“Near the chip shop and fairly central so it is a good meeting place.”
Favourite drink: Wine

Dave Firth (Furness )
Favourite bar: Furness
“It is like a traditional pub like the one we have back home. There is a homely feel.”
Favourite drink: Fosters

Ian Van Mourile (Fylde)
Favourite bar: Graduate
“It is the only bar to serve a good selection of ales.”
Favourite drink: Ale

Manesh Tailor (Flyde)
Favourite bar: Fylde
“The bar acts as a central meeting point for whenever I am catching up with my friends.”
Favourite drink: Larger

Alex Wilson (Grizedale)
Favourite bar: Graduate
“They serve really nice beer, there is a good atmosphere and they have live music.”
Favourite drink: Ales

Marlene Espinoze (Graduate)
Favourite bar: Grizedale
“It is modern and more for young people. There is always good music playing and they put on lots of events for the students. I like the people who come here.”
Favourite drink: Vodka and mixer

Adhina Zogrdfaki (Graduate)
Favourite bar: None
“I like to go to which ever bar my friends are at and enjoy their company in the various surroundings.”
Favourite drink: Coke

Jim Cooper (Pendle)
Favourite bar: Grizedale
“It is contemporary without being pretentious and serves a good range of cocktails.”
Favourite drink: Cocktails

Lauren Katalinich (Pendle)
Favourite bar: Furness
“There is a warm and homey feel about the bar. I like the quaint stools, the variety of beer and the folk music.”
Favourite drink: Ales

Ross Brown (Bowland)
Favourite bar: Graduate
“I like the good range of real ales and it feels like a proper pub.”
Favourite drink: Bitter

Peter Garnett (County)
Favourite bar: County
“It is a nice place to be. There is a good atmosphere, it is close to where I live and there is always room to sit down and have a chat.”
Favourite drink: Ale/Bitter

James Cornish (Cartmel)
Favourite bar: Cartmel
“The bar staff are lovely, it serves good food and my friends come here.”
Favourite drink: Tequila

James Beede (Cartmel)
Favourite bar: Cartmel
“It is close to where I live; there is always good company and a good atmosphere. I like the rustic layout.”
Favourite drink: Tetley’s

Katie Jamieson (Lonsdale)
Favourite bar: Lonsdale
“It is my college bar. There is always a friendly face around and I think it looks trendy.”
Favourite drink: Double vodka and mixer
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