Artist Profile: Boo Boo Kiddy Fonc


Boo Boo Kiddy Fonc are quite rightly beginning to gain a significant following, both in Lancaster and further afield as they cement their name as one of the hardest working and most talented bands in the area. They’ve played at venues in town, made appearances at college band nights, and have been booked to play Grad Ball with the likes of Example and Fenech Soler. If I’m completely honest, it’s Boo Boo Kiddy Fonc that I’m looking forward to seeing again the most. Their style is hard to pin down, with songs like Groovechild reminiscent of the Chilli Peppers funk classics from the early years like Suck My Kiss. Dave McGovern’s vocals are energetic and lend themselves to the funk-genre as he delivers lyrics like “He’s a funky brother…yeah he’s a stylophile” which are then followed by a face-melting bass solo, in turn followed by a hair-melting guitar solo.

In my opinion one of their best tracks (available to listen to on their myspace page) is the oozing and slower song Flames of Love in which Andy Smith attempts to seduce you with his voice before shredding some bass. The track’s a little different from their other high-energy stuff, and it’s hard to describe the tone without including the line “I’m gonna make love to you woman, I’m gonna lay you down by the fire”, which hopefully hints at the slightly sexier style. It might be a risky venture to head down the route of soulful and sexy as a band from the North West, but BBKF pull it off, and it shows just how good they are at what they do.

It’s the sexy guitar licks and funky slap bass that make Boo Boo Kiddy Fonc stand out in an era of synthesised electro-pop and bland indie rock. For the length of each track, BBKF take us back to an era of flairs, gold medallions and epic chest hair, and I for one am extremely excited about that.

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